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Scouted – “Last Week She Was Bagging Groceries in Fresno!”

Have you ever watched a show where you see a mousey-looking woman with glasses and her hair back in a ponytail wearing a boring frock and just know that at a certain point in the storyline she’s going to whip off the glasses and take down the hair and come out wearing some stunning gown? 
That’s all I can think of hearing the concept of the new series Scouted. The series premieres tonight on E! at 10/9C, and aims to give everyday people a chance at seeing what a day in the life of a high-fashion model is like. It’s hard to imagine just a day before this woman was just the girl next door. Was she one of those people with glasses, ponytail, and no makeup?
Tune in to the season premiere of Scouted tonight and see people plucked from the grocery store and other non-glorified places and thrown in front of the cameras.