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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 4 – Padma Rides a Horse. And All Was Good

Basically, the Black team was way too sweet and not spicy enough. The Red team’s meat was not the best. And the White team had some sub par flavoring. The crowd picks the Green Team, and based on the judges’ comments it means the Blue team is automatically safe in second place.

Padma comes out riding a friggin horse. Jeez – I need to sit down. She announces that the Black team lost and Nyesha’s “heart sinks into a puddle of despair.” Boy, thanks Emily Dickinson. They get another shot – thirty minutes to transform the chili into something better. Richie and Nyesha each use Fritos, so I have to love that.

Second Chance Elimination

Beverly – Seared Tuna with Habañero Creamed Corn– Mary Sue thinks both Nyesha and Richie were embarrassed by the mole, but Beverly enhanced it, and changed the flavor profile.

Nyesha – Frito-Encrusted Black Tiger Shrimp with Roasted Corn Salsa – Gail felt it needed more sauce.

Richie – Frito-Encrusted Pork Tenderloin, Potato Hash & Ricotta Cheese Chili Puree – Susan is disappointed in the lack of seasoning, and Tom doesn’t care for the lack of brightness.

Clearly, Beverly is safe and the elimination is between Richie and Nyesha, with Richie leaving. However, on the website…

Last Chance – At the RILCK, Richie and RickRoss have to take at least three ingredients from a table full of Thanksgiving leftovers and make a dish. Richie called RickRoss “Kimbo Slice” and I think I may have to rethink my nickname choice. They are friends, so no trash talk. Richie messes up the salt with his cornbread puree by sprinkling rather than pinching. Tom noticed but said when taken all together as a full bite, it is good. Essentially it comes down to an avant-garde dish vs. a homey dish.

RickRoss – Turkey and Sweet Corn Hash, Ham fritter (with bleu cheese stuffing) , Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie Smear,

Richie – Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, Mac and Cheese Fritter and Cornbread Puree

Tom said they both did a nice job. RickRoss chose different times of the day for snacking, but the pie smear wasn’t good. Richie was going for being really inventive with a good fritter, but salty sauce and, in the end, not so inventive after all. RickRoss keeps the jacket and lingers, while Richie is really the first official boot from the Final 16.

Quickfire Hits
• Sarah got attention for her clash with RickRoss at the previous Judges Table, but she was right, RickRoss got knifed because he stood by the flour tortillas and bad burrito rather than the shrimp incident. Nyesha may think it just got real all of a sudden, but this is Top Chef not a camp retreat. As The Destroyer said, have something good on your plate or shut the eff up.
• Chewie seems to owe the IRS a lot of money. Not sure if he should be broadcasting that on TV. Better yet, maybe he should just pay his damn taxes in the first place! Maybe he can pay them in cans of Habanero peppers, he has enough cans “to last through the next nuclear fallout.”
• Um, wait, the NEXT nuclear fallout? Did I miss something?
• Chewie broke out an “arriba arriba.” Does he think he’s an Amazing Race team in Asia or something?
• Hey, did you hear? Sarah is from Texas. Sigh. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the Tweet shoutout, Sarah. As thanks, I chose not to mock the amount of times this factoid about her was mentioned.
• Are we seeing the beginning of a Sarah vs. Pretty Boy dynamic building up for later on?
• Is Chewie shopping at the Spike Mendelson Hat Emporium? Do I have a new hat wearer to mock now that I can’t mock Spike anymore since I am addicted to his burgers and shakes at Good Stuff Eatery on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC? (Plug which hopefully turns into a free Obama Burger).
• Where did they get that toy horse to, um, horse around on?
• Things we learned – no beans in Texas chili and no sour cream. I would not fit in.
• Gail had a weird bagel accident and I really want the full story now.
• Will Beverly cry in each episode now? That will be fun to watch. Except that it won’t be.
• Regarding Padma on the horse, Pretty Boy again starts in with his competition with me for Ms. Lakshmi – “She was like Fabio on the cover of a romance novel…am I sweating again.” One assumes he means Fabio the model and not Fabio the chef and his hambooger and it not being Top Scallop.
• Glasses says that Richie would rip his own kidney out of his body to give to you if you needed it. And he’s strong enough to do it. I love that last add – he’s not only awesome, but he’s a superhero too.
• Extra scene – The judges nitpicking and think they’re all a-holes.

Next week – Dallas. A highway challenge in a field. And John Besh is a good-looking man.

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