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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 4 – Padma Rides a Horse. And All Was Good

Bottom Three – Beverly for not doing enough with the pepper, Richie for too much sweetness, and Chewie for the canned tomatoes. He wants to die under the table. At least he didn’t sprawl out on the counter.

Top Three – Heather for the heat and for speaking directly to Susan, Grayson for exciting Mary Sue with a well-balanced and smart dish use of the whole pepper, and Paul for going for it and doing it well. Paul wins the immunity and the 20 grand. Good for him.

Elimination Create a Pot of Chili for a rodeo crowd. There is no time limit and teams are divided into five groups of three randomly. Nyesha thinks Bev is meek, but after watching Beverly at the meat counter, I disagree. Pretty Boy is worried about being with Sarah because of the shrimp incident last week. However, Pretty Boy was standing right next to RickRoss at the time, so quit yapping. Sarah’s dad rode bulls, so serving chili to rodeo fans is right up her alley. The rodeo fans will choose the winners (again no individual winner), and the judges choose the losers.

At Whole Foods, there is a scrum for brisket. Bev just wants it, don’t worry about cutting it. Paul whines a bit about being first, but Vampira was even more upset about not getting any brisket. She gets short rib instead. The chefs return to the house to cook at just before four pm, and the food is to be served 15 hours later. Nyesha swipes all of the beer. Glasses and Edward divide up the fireplace. Grayson is the “grill bitch” as she negotiates with Glasses for a grate.

Tom inspects and is skeptical of Nyesha/Richie/Beverly’s use of chocolate chili and Nyesha admits to little chili experience. He also learns of Heather’s plan to pickle some peaches on the side. Heather second guesses, but if she had reversed, it would have made Gail very sad.

At just before 11 pm, wackiness ensued. Edward opens some win using the side of the fireplace. Why there was no bottle opener in a house full of chefs, I have no idea. Nyesha does a cannonball in the pool. Glasses starts to zone out. Chewie starts to chug some beer and tell stories, prompting Pretty Boy to dub him the “most interesting man in the world.” HA!

In the middle of the night, some go to bed and others stay up all night. Edward sleeps on lawn furniture cushions outside. The Destroyer jokes about sleeping while standing up. The eventual losing team is also the first one to finish.

Blue Team – Heather, Paul, Edward – Smoked Brisket Chili with Summer Pickles – They put pork rinds on top. Gail thinks the peaches are her favorite chili side ever. Tom thinks the veggies were perfect, but the meat, not so much.

Black Team – Beverly, Nyesha, Richie – “Chili Mole” with Cornbread – Susan liked Richie’s moist cornbread, but Tom laments that it was not a cornbread challenge and the chili wasn’t so great. Mary Sue wanted more focus and Padma said that it was a good mole flavor after all.

Green Team – Chewie, Sarah, Pretty Boy – Chili con carne – Mary Sue loved the depth of flavor, and Tom thinks it grows on you. Gail found it a bit thin and wanted some starch. Mary Sue agrees that the some tortilla would have been nice.

Red Team – Glasses, Wasp, Vampira – Braised brisket and short rib chili – They made their stock from the bones, and Gail was a fan of the subtle smokiness and heat. Tom found it to be seasoned very well, but Mary Sue found the meat to be stringy.

White Team – The Destroyer, Lindsay of the Corn, Grayson – Three Bean & Three Beef Chili & Poblano Corn Bread – Gail wished for no veggies in the chili, but Susan loved it. But, after all, she does love acid.