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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 4 – Padma Rides a Horse. And All Was Good

Beverly – Anaheim Chili – Anaheim Chili Crudite with Samjang Paste – She claims she wanted to highlight the freshness and beauty of the chili. The Tamales don’t buy it.

Pretty Boy – Thai Chili – Coconut Soup with Thai Chili – He made the Thai because he really likes it. Ok, then.

Glasses – Manzano Chili – Seared Chicken with Manzano Vinaigrette – Susan digs the fruitiness of the dish.

Chewie – Habañero Chili – Sautéed Scallop with Achiote – He used canned tomato, but tried to stick it in the wood oven for the smoky flavor. Susan liked the combo, but about those cans…

Vampira – Habañero Chili – Oyster Shooter with Fire roasted Habañero Mignonette – we see nothing of her, thanks to Bravo website for the actual description of her dish.

Edward – HabaLi – Again, website.

Grayson – Habañero Chili – Habañero Popper with Cream Lime Sauce – She used the sweetness of the corn to offset the spice, and Susan commented on the kick from the pepper.

Heather – Thai Chili – Date & Pistachio Cous Cous, Pickled Cucumbers, Red Onions & Thai Chili – She made a quick pickle, and for some reason that made me giggle. Susan felt the heat from this one.

Lindsay of the Corn – Habañero Chili – Picked Herb Salad with Charred Sugar Snaps, Oranges, Avocado and Blackened Habañero Vinaigrette – website

Nyesha – Habañero Chili – Baby Fennel & Rock Shrimp Salad with Orange Habañero Vinaigrette – Just a thank you.

Paul – Ghost Chili – Chilled Coconut Soup with Kaffir Lime, Ghost Pepper Relish – He said he was going for the cash and the test of skill. He made the relish with one pepper, and Mary Sue jokes that he must have thought they could handle it.

Richie – Fresno Chili – Fresno Slaw with Pineapple Curd & Seared Bay Scallops – Just a thanks.

Sarah – Fresno Chili – Salmon Belly Seared with Fresno Chili Relish Seemed like it was a bit too much for Susan.

The Destroyer – Thai Chili – Prawns in the Shell with Roasted Chili Caramel Sauce, Raw Chili Crudite, Lime Leaves and Fish Sauce – Website.

Wasp – Thai Chili – Beef Tenderloin with Napa Cabbage and Thai Chili Slaw – One day, Whitney the Wasp (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo joke, remember?) will get to speak.