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The Amazing Race, Nov. 27 – “That’s How You Drive”

Ernie and Cindy are looking for the next clue, and she is wondering if they just left their waffles burning in the stand. He confirms for her that they did. Andy and Tommy stop for directions as Bill and Cathi finally have both halves of the clue and take off. Marcus and Amani are driving to the next stop, as she says “if you aren’t making your way here, you’re making your way home.” Sandy wants Jeremy to take the interstate, telling him it’s faster. 
Ernie and Cindy are the first to arrive at De Muur van Geraardsbergen, and the clue tells them to help the pigeon trainer release a flock of homing pigeons, then race to meet the pigeons at a specific address, where they’ll get their next clue. Cindy is worried about having to touch the birds, saying that they gross her out. They release them and head for the address, needing directions first. 
Andy and Tommy are the next to arrive and release the pigeons and get their address, asking for directions from a local first. Bill and Cathi are driving on their way, as Amani and Marcus arrive, but can’t find the right place. Jeremy and Sandy search as well. Amani and Marcus find it first, right before Jeremy and Sandy. Both teams release their pigeons and compare addresses, realizing it’s two different spot. Seeing pigeons on the road, Amani hopes they weren’t some of theirs.  
Ernie and Cindy stop for directions, and she’s not sure about the ones they receive. Andy and Tommy arrive at the correct address and get the clue off the band on the pigeon’s leg. It’s a picture of the atomic structure for iron, Atomium, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. They aren’t sure where to go, not knowing what it is. They ask some kids along the side of the road and get directions.  
Jeremy and Sandy arrive at the correct address and get their clue, but she’s worried about hurting the pigeon pulling it off his leg. Suddenly they’re in great position in second place, previously being headed for last place. They know they saw that atom structure at some point during their travels.  
Ernie and Cindy are struggling to find their address, and she wants him to stop in a restaurant for directions. She asks him why he didn’t stop, and he tells her he couldn’t find a place to park, “So chill the hell out.” They get directions back to the highway, and knowing it’s thirty minutes away, when they were originally only forty-five minutes away, they know isn’t a good sign. She hopes they don’t come in last and know it has at least cost them first place. 
Andy and Tommy see the atom structure and end up on Phil’s mat. He calls them team number one, and as winners of this leg, they each win a new Ford Mustang. Since it’s one of the most personalized vehicles, they can go online and personalize it to match their personal style. They’ll get the cars when they return home. Andy declares, “Hot diggity dog!” They’re still discussing the roadblock. 
Bill and Cathi ask for directions to their pigeon address, and Amani and Marcus are doing the same. They’re hoping everyone is struggling like they are. Ernie and Cindy stop and ask for directions, and it ends up being the place they were looking for. They find some locals and ask for directions to the atom structure. Sandy thinks Jeremy is driving too slow, but he is being carful not to miss it. Armani and Marcus arrive at the same destination as Ernie and Cindy, and end up asking the same locals for directions to the atom structure. He is calling this “rally time.”  
Bill and Cathi arrive at De Muur van Geraardsbergen, while Jeremy and Sandy arrive on Phil’s mat. He tells them they are team number two, and they’re stoked. Ernie and Cindy are team number three. She realizes it’s yet another leg where they were out in front and blew it. Marcus and Amani arrive on the mat and are called team number four. He calls this next leg a conference championship in terms of football. They want to knock that out to make it to the Super Bowl. 
Bill isn’t ashamed of how he and Cathi have done, but thinks they’re both startled at how long they were able to stay in there. Before they’re even officially eliminated, we get treated to a package of their better race moments. He calls it a hoot and knows it improved their relationship.  
Bill and Cathi end up on Phil’s mat and are eliminated. Phil tells them they have proven age isn’t something that will stop you on the Race. Cathi admits that’s one reason they wanted to do it, to show that older Americans are sometimes overlooked. They stand together, but win lose or draw, there is no reason for them to ever fall apart. It was one last chance for Bill to be with his best friend and do some really special things in the world. He would do it all over again, the same person and the same way. 
I have to give Bill and Cathi a lot of credit here. I, too, am surprised how far they made it. The first few legs into it the Race, I thought that would be it for them. But they found a way to keep hanging in there, and arrived at the mat in the first couple of teams more than a few teams. They continually beat much younger teams and never used age as an excuse. 
Looking ahead to next week, it’s honestly anyone’s game. Jeremy and Sandy are on a roll right now, yet always seem to struggle. Amani and Marcus will only only beat themselves, as will Ernie and Cindy. Andy and Tommy, of course, are in the best spot. This is one season where the teams aren’t competing against each other as much as they’re competing against the clock. I think it’s more of a reflection on the type of people they all are.  
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