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The Amazing Race, Nov. 27 – “That’s How You Drive”

Ernie and Cindy are in Gent searching for the Hoofsdburgh, as are Jeremy and Sandy. Marcus finishes the slalom and fails. Tommy takes a stab at it, calling it the coolest thing to drive this Mustang as hard as he wants. He hits a cone, so has to redo it, as Marcus is lined up to go again. He talks about it being an adrenaline rush, so different than the rushes of having kids and touchdown passes. He gets it right on his second time and does his victory doughnuts. He celebrates, saying something about NASCAR. 
Bill and Cathi finally arrive, and Bill will be doing this challenge, but doesn’t look nearly as thrilled as the other guys. Marcus hands the clue to Amani and announces, “That’s how you drive. From now on, that’s how you drive.” Andy passes as well and sets out to complete his victory doughnuts. Try doing that on a snowboard. He and Andy take off for Gent, as Tommy talks about how slow it was. Andy doesn’t even want to hear it, and says he felt sin in his heart, causing him to ask Christ for forgiveness.  
Ernie and Cindy find the clue in Gent, a Detour – Water or Waffles. Water will require the teams to build a raft and search the waterways for two pieces of a clue that will reveal their next destination. Waffle will have teams building a waffle stand, and working together, they will make and decorate eighteen perfectly-formed waffles to the chef’s satisfaction to get their next clue.  
Ernie and Cindy decide to do the waffles, as she knows they aren’t very good on the water challenges. He announces a dog was there where they are building the waffle stand, which she finds gross. I’m not sure how he knows it was there, but we can only imagine. Jeremy and Sandy arrive and also decide to do the waffles. Bill finishes the slalom and his victory doughnuts, announcing, “I love it.” 
Building the waffle stand isn’t as easy as it looks, mostly because Cindy’s arms are too short to hold up the top of it. They finally get it all lined and up and go watch the demonstration on how to decorate them. All of them are decorated differently in the demo, of course. Ernie thinks he should be able to do it effectively, but knows you can never tell once you get into the booth with Cindy.  
Jeremy and Sandy start building the stand, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why they chose this, as they always struggle with these types of tasks. Cindy is asking Ernie why he’s not using the ladle to pour the batter, and he explains the chef they watched didn’t use the ladle either. Jeremy and Sandy get their stand together quickly, and Ernie figures it’s because they’re tall. 
Bill brings his clue back to Cathi, and they take off in last place for Gent. Amani and Marcus are just arriving, and finding the clue, decide to do waffles. Andy and Tommy arrive just behind them and are the only ones so far to do the Water task. Cindy thinks Ernie is making a mess and that his batter is too thick. Jeremy is embarrassed at his efforts, saying he’s more of a pancake-maker. He gives up and asks Sandy to do it, as she tells him to chill out and just enjoy it. 
Amani and Marcus see the struggle Jeremy and Sandy are having and decide to give up on the waffle stand before they even get started and head to Water. They look at the materails that include wood, string and barrels and decide how to construct the raft. Andy and Tommy are doing the same thing. Marcus wonders where Laurence is when you need him. Well, if he were there, he’d be telling them how easy this will be for him since he is a sailor. Then he’d fail at it.  
Cindy looks at the waffle machine that is “farting like a monster,” and decides they’ll call the first waffle Ernie, as “he farts.” Andy talks about how much he and Tommy like building stuff, which is why they are building something they have no clue about. He thinks it’ll work. Marcus thinks they’ll end up going in the water, but Tommy thinks it will be Marcus and Amani going in the water, as they’re the ones that hate water. The snowboarders actually floating, as they ask Marcus, “How do you like our raft now?” They find the clue and take off. 
Ernie and Cindy ask the judge to check their waffles, but they don’t get approved. Andy and Tommy pick up the second half of their clue, and Jeremy watches them and gets anxious, but Sandy tells him not to pay attention. Ernie and Cindy realize a strawberry fell, and once they fix that, they’re approved. Their clue tells them to drive to De Muur van Geraardsbergen to find their next clue. 
Andy and Tommy rip open their clue and take off for the same place. Amani and Marcus are still constructing their raft, and it looks quite sturdy. It’s hard for Marcus and his weight to fit well on it though. Bill and Cathi arrive and decide to try the waffle thing. Jeremy and Sandy ask to have their waffles passed and are told to go check the demonstration. She believes they need to add powdered sugar to the one with strawberries. Bill and Cathi see how hard it looks, and like Amani and Marcus, decide to go build a raft. 
Marcus and Amani get their two clue halves, as Jeremy and Sandy think they’re in last place again, knowing Bill and Cathi went to go do Water. Marcus gives them a few tips as they leave. Jeremy and Sandy try to get their waffles passed again, and can’t figure it out when they fail again. She doesn’t think they’ll ever get it. They try adding more whipped cream, and Jeremy is calling it not good. They fail again as Bill and Cathi take to the water on their craft. Sandy sees that they switched the order up, and this time their waffles are passed. Bill tells a local that he and Cathi are on their first date.