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The Amazing Race, Nov. 27 – “That’s How You Drive”

There were questions left unanswered after last week’s The Amazing Race episode. For one, it was a leg of the Race that ended without a period of rest following it. Marcus and Amani got to the mat first and were told the race was still going on and handed the next clue. Would it be a non-elimination leg? The only team not shown racing in the previews were Bill and Cathi. Were Ernie and Cindy going to get some type of penalty for riding the train without tickets? We don’t know. These questions should be answered in the first ten minutes. 
Amani and Marcus have a short celebration on winning the leg and receive their clue telling them to go to the Ford Proving Ground in Belgium to find their next clue. They take off seemingly a little shaken. He says now they have to work twice as hard to fight to the end. The next team in is Ernie and Cindy who are officially team number two, and do not receive a penalty, but get sent on their merry way. They search for a hotel in order to get directions. They’re told to take the E40. 
Jeremy and Sandy are next to arrive on Phil’s mat and are called team number three, then sent to the next clue. Andy and Tommy are still working on their bodybuilding, and this time get a passing grade of three 4s. They head to the pit stop, leaving Bill and Cathi as the only team behind. Amani and Marcus have also stopped to get directions. They try to get it printed out, but it won’t print. Marcus knows they lost time in writing it out from the non-English speaking people, rather than printing it. 
Bill and Cathi are trying one more attempt at the bodybuilding, and they finally get passing scores. Seriously, these two have decent physiques for their age. Bill admits to the judges that he does work out. Jeremy and Sandy are at a stationery store looking for directions and he calls it “Sweet” to get a great map.  
Ernie and Cindy are the first to arrive at the Ford Proving Ground and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must suit up and put the latest model of Mustang through a series of performance maneuvers. Firs they need to reach a speed of 100 mph, then break hard, and go through a slalom class in sixty seconds or less, followed by a double victory doughnut. When a professional driver feels they have mastered the Mustang, they’ll be given the next clue.  
Ernie agrees to do this one, yet Cindy is jumping up and down about the Mustangs. She’s also surprised to not see Amani and Marcus, knowing they left before them. This leaves her knowing it was worth it to stop and get such good directions. Ernie is driven around the track and gets worried the driver is going to take his life with his driving.  
Andy and Tommy hit Phil’s mat, are called team number four, and sent on with the clue to the Ford Proving Grounds. They’re psyched to still be racing after their humbling experience in the bodybuilding challenge. They know two more teams have to be eliminated before the finale, and they want to be in that finale. 
Ernie is now behind the wheel and getting directions from the professional driver. He takes off with a huge grin on his face. Bill and Cathi know there is a good chance they’ll be eliminated once they reach the pit stop, but he figures they’ve had “a good go” and that it’s been “exceedingly fun.” They’re indeed the last team to arrive, but are given the next clue. She exclaims, “Hot diggity!” She knows they need to “put a little pedal to the metal … safely … and legally, if we can.”  
Ernie begins the slalom part of his road test, and fails. He’s told to go again. Amani and Marcus are still driving around looking for Ford. They get help from someone with a GPS whose face gets blurred out. He apparently objects to appearing on American TV. Jeremy and Sandy get there before them, and Jeremy decides he’ll be tackling this one. Ernie does the slalom again and hits the car where he needs to break … again … and again … and again. He admits he’s “not a big car guy” and having to do it about fifteen times trying to pass.  
Jeremy has never been in a car going that fast before and calls it awesome. He starts the slalom while Ernie is hitting a cone in the slalom. The puts Jeremy into the rotation, of people waiting to take a stab at the course. Ernie is nervous knowing that Jeremy is “like a big car guy.” Jeremy hits the car too and has to redo it, giving Ernie another chance. This time, he finally passes. He has to do the double victory doughnut, and does it well. The bad part is that Jeremy passes too.  
Cindy pulls Ernie’s helmet off, and they read their clue telling them to drive to the city of Gent and search the Hoofdrbrug for their next clue. Jeremy and Sandy take off right behind them. Ernie tells Cindy it was “crazy nuts” and that he never felt so scared in his life. Sandy tells Jeremy he killed it. 
Amani and Marcus finally arrive, and to no one’s surprise, he decides he’ll be doing this Roadblock. Andy and Tommy arrive just behind them and can’t believe their luck to be behind the team that came in first on Phil’s mat. Tommy will be the one doing it, leaving Andy feeling very challenged, as he really wants to put these Mustangs through the course, because he has a passion for driving. Tommy had a hard time with the poem challenge, and they’ve decided Andy should do the mental tasks, leaving the physical ones for Tommy. Marcus takes off on the first part of the course, and calls it an “absolute blast” and “right up my alley.” Tommy is just behind him, and Andy is very antsy on the sidelines.