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Survivor: South Pacific – Recap – Coach Is Going To Eat Cochran

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• Dawn not wanting to swim in her underwear or naked was pretty darn funny. “What has happened to the youth of this generation?…I’m from Salt Lake City, I’m lucky I’m not in a turtleneck.”
• This just in…the youth of Salt Lake City just bristled from stereotyping.
• More Cochran mocking – he channeled Anthony from Fiji as he was banished to tending camp with the women. Cookie tends the fire again.
• Also, why have Survivor gender roles never really exited the 19th Century? Are you telling me that Sophie can’t fish as well as any of the guys (not Ozzy)?
• At least fish are ok with Cochran – he won’t put his fingers in their bad places. Of course, they’re dead, so the word won’t really get out in the fish community.
• Mark, that Papa Bear guy, coaching Cochran on how to pick up women was quite funny. You know you may have issues dealing with women when you wind up getting dating advice from a gay man. He wanted Cochran to wear a tight t-shirt and approach a woman by saying, “How you doing? I really like those earrings.” WHAT? Does that even work with gay men? When Cochran demonstrated the technique on Whitney she rightfully said that she would think he was gay if he did that in the real world. I guess only stinky, tall, inarticulate men can get the job done.
• Attention Ozzy – if you want to see how acting can be done on Survivor, watch Coach describing how the rank pork tastes. Bile in the throat, can’t write this stuff.
• Cochran told a crap my pants story on television to a gorgeous woman. Maybe Papa Bear’s strategy is a good idea.
• Rick and Edna had a conversation. On camera. They really did.
• Prime Coach moment – praying with Brandon after the wee Hantz’ latest tribal outburst to give Brandon “unbelievable self control.”
• Another interesting moment…Cochran said that when the merge comes he is going to “slither in and out of every alliance.” This could be another sign – is Cochran going to betray his closest allies (Coach and Brandon) and link up with the others?
• Loved the Probst voiceover where he described Ozzy’s voluntary vote off as being “so ridiculous it just might work.”
• Coach’s quip about Ozzy’s lack of leadership skills, “No wonder you keep getting blindsided.”
• And the craziest part – Coach coming up with Greek mythology names for the Survivors. Ozzy is Narcissus. Classic. Whitney is Erato. The Goddess Muse of Erotic Poetry and Mime. Really. Edna is the Goddess of Distraction, Misdirection and Incessant Jabbering. Really. So I think. And Cochran is the most powerful man in the game – Hercules. And he describes why right down to the full story of how he beat the raging bull of Minos. Coach is Zeus, of course, and Cochran thinks that since Zeus ate his children, that Coach is going to one day devour him. Now THAT would be an eating challenge.
• Ozzy was really considering not sharing food with Upolu. Dawn talked him out of it. To paraphrase Coach – it’s amazing he keeps getting blindsided.
• How funny was it watching Ozzy try to sell Coach on flipping to Upolu? And watching Coach school him? Coach. Schooling someone. Heh.
• Rick speaks again! You don’t grab a chicken by the feathers to kill, you grab it by the feet. And then you can bite the head off if you want to be cool. Ewww. Dude. Maybe he should go back to not speaking anymore.
• Rice’s only line – maybe Brandon can pray for it to come back. HA!
• Another interesting moment – and something I hope happens – is Sophie making a move. She sees the right move of taking out Savaii first, then Brandon and Edna. Albert was trying to make a big move for the hell of it. Well, let’s see Sophie. Either this is a big move or foreshadowing of how Sophie is going to be proven incorrect.

Next week – Redemption Island is a plate stacking challenge. Hmm, hope for Whitney or Dawn?

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