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Tuesday’s episode of The Real World: Phillidelphia brings one question to my mind — Will these people EVER let things slide off their backs? I mean, I can totally understand Karamo being upset about getting pulled out of the club and ruining his night, then I could even understand how he could be upset at how unsympathetic MJ was, but — come on, get over it! you’re stuck living with these people for the next four months, right? Why cause these huge problems the first couple of weeks in the house? Oy!

Anyways, the episode focused on two things — the ongoing struggle of Karamo and MJ’s fractured relationship and their new job working for an arena football team (that happened to be co-owned by Bon Jovi and his beautiful “feathered bangs” as MJ put it — I didn’t even know the term existed until MJ, a supposedly straight male, pointed that out to me).

The first fifteen minutes of the episode focuses on the Karamo/MJ feud. In a dark alley they express that they feel neither was in the wrong on the positions they took in their arguments. MJ reaches out his hand to settle the dispute but Karamo once again pushes it away. The other roommates seem to agree with MJ that, although it was a bit insensative of him to treat the situation as such a small ordeal, Karamo seems to be blowing the whole thing up into a racial thing and that it only happened because he’s an African American male. It’s at this point in the show that I’m wondering — did he not notice that the majority of the officers questioning were African American as well? I don’t see what he’s complaining about, but — whatever.

The second half of the show focuses on the new job that the room mates have gotten. Their job is going to consist of working in the community to help with kids and blah, blah, blah, blah — the important thing is that they get to go out onto the field at half-time and throw free shirts at people. Wee! Everyone (even Melanie, who appears to have stuck around the house long enough to actually make her way into a few shots) is really excited and seem to love it.

The last two or three minutes go back to Karamo and MJ as they finally agree to take it back as if it were the first day all over again and start their relationship from there.


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