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Amazing Race 19 – Ep 9 Commentary – That’s A Whole Lotta Skin

The task here was to assemble a Lego puzzle while riding one of those crazy spinning Tea Cup type rides. The catch is that you can only work on while the ride is operational. So, hello motion sickness. This was another fun and creative task for the Racers, and all were able to finish it without much drama – Sandy especially threatened to puke and her team also had to start over again after one piece escaped the cup. I assume they didn’t realize that happened because they kept working on it before starting over.

Task #3 – This was the best one. And I assume it was actually a Detour which got edited down for time (as sometimes happens when only one side of the Detour is done) because when the Peytons are getting directions there is a Detour clue in Amani’s hand. In this one, all Racers have to strip down to a Speedo, get greased up, and learn a sequence of bodybuilder poses. This is all judged by a panel which would be the strangest American Idol-ish competition ever – most likely to be shown on ESPN 8: The Ocho. (I know I go there a lot, but I just love those guys).

What we learned… Well, for grandparents, Bill and Cathi are in really good shape. Ernie has a secretly ripped body. Andy is in much better shape than Tommy. Marcus has kept up his physique despite retirement. And Cindy has what may be a map of the London Underground on her thigh. Sorry, Cindy, if this is a real affliction, or if it was just weird lighting, but it gave me an excuse to make a Dumbledore joke, so I had to take it.

All teams – other than Jeremy 2.0 – failed the first time around. The divorcees surprisingly really took to this challenge – and both proved to be in pretty good shape as well. The Dudes yet again failed to show any life or personality during a goofy task. This is so weird because these guys show no lack of personality at all other times during the Race. It’s as if they don’t like silly imposed upon them.

So, a fun episode leading into a To Be Continued. I like this season so far, overall, and think it has a good ending on the way. Or so I hope.

Route Markers
• Remember long ago when this season was going to be the one featuring Ethan and Jenna?
• I love how the other side of the map wheel is a happy face.
• Glad Control Freak used the U-Turn last week to ensure that 90 minute victory they had over Geritol.
• Tommy – “Are you Copen’ and Hangin’ in there?” Oh, Tommy.
• Marcus said he was proud of Amani “to this point.” Is that implying that he won’t be proud of her later?
• Only this season can Dwight Freeney be name dropped on the Amazing Race.
• Not sure if Marcus’ strategy of trying to distract Amani during memorization was brilliant or insane.
• Lego makes 50 million pieces daily. Wow. And how many are currently under my couch?
• Three countries in one leg – gotta love Europe. Going from Denmark to Belgium is like going from Manhattan to Long Island.
• Amani didn’t want to throw up on any kids. How thoughtful of her
• Andy in the car – “I don’t know if the map is big enough.” Heh.
• Um, how big was that effin bridge they drove over to get to Legoland?
• Yes, Ernie, it’s an accent not a dialect. And feel free to be annoyed by having your soon-to-be spouse correct you on semantics on national TV.
• Bill wants a hot dog at Legoland. Of course, you have to put it together…
• Phil is getting really into those demo shots this year. First the bunny and now the bodybuilding. And for those inclined that way…I present to you half-naked Phil. Well, I don’t present. The Show did. Oh, just watch it again if you want to.
• Dudes’ “friendship has reached new levels.” Oh come on guys, who hasn’t greased down their best buddy on TV?
• Cathi wouldn’t take a shower in those clothes. Um, who wears clothes in the shower?
• Loved how Amani came up with actions for the motions – “ride the escalator, knock someone on the head…”
• Anyone who didn’t see the Super Leg coming after Cindy said, “I’m just happy the leg is over” really needs to watch more of this show.

Roadblock – Poem. Bike. Acting. Cindy, Cathi, Tommy, Amani and Sandy.

Detour – Well, not really sure if there was one.

Order of Finish – Peytons win a trip. Leg doesn’t end.

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