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X-Factor, Nov. 22 – Giving Thanks …

Nicole, through tears, tells Melanie she is “so courageous.” She asks if she can just give her a hug, and meets her halfway to do so. Paula has waited week after week for the vulnerability of who Melanie is to come out, and it finally did. The best advice she can give her is that what they just saw is what makes people fall in love with her. She needs to always show that vulnerability. No disrespect to the amazing choir, but she doesn’t need that. Simon thought the choir was appropriate, and is particularly proud of Melanie tonight. He pleads with the voters to not let her go home, as we need her there.

Chris Rene has seven months clean and sober and is giving thanks to Tim Fry, the counselor in rehab who helped him save his life. Tim explains he was a shell when he showed up mentally and physically, and was broken, which is what amphetamines can do. Chris got into a horrible car crash and went straight from the hospital to rehab. The real Chris started to come out there. L.A. believes he could be the most thankful person on the show. Tonight he sings Let It Be with a definite hip hop beat. He’s not the best singer, but it’s so inspirational. It sounds trite, but it really is. He works this song into his Young Homey song.

Nicole points out how powerful the music is that Chris writes. She believes, and to her, Chris is such an example and a blessing in the competition. Paula knows they’re all grateful to have him. It’s so nice to hear him get back to where they all fell in love with him in the first place. She thanks all the counselors who are saving lives and issues a “God bless you” to Chris.

Simon believes he’s being honest when he says the first song didn’t work. Yet, it launched into the second song that reminded him of why they fell in love with him. He doesn’t think many people would have the guts to admit what happened to them like Chris did. What he just did is help thousands of people who are in the same place that with courage and guts you can turn your lief around. He really hopes America supports him and keeps him in he competition. L.A. points to Chris’ tattoo that says “Believe,” and says he believes in him.

Lakoda Rayne all have different paths that have brought them here to the X-Factor. They picked this song to be able to give thanks back to the people who have made a difference in their lives. Dani gives thanks to her dad for giving what he could through their financially strapped life. Paige is grateful to her boyfriend for believing in her and making her believe in herself. Hayley is thanking her dad tonight. His dream is to have his own restaurant, but used the money to make Dani’s dream come true. Cari is giving thanks to her grandma for being the one to always support her. Tonight, they sing You Belong to Me, and again they are having pitch problems. They also start real old-fashioned from swings, then jump out onstage.

L.A. tells Lakoda Rayne that last week he thought it was the week they returned to the competition, but this week they managed to drum up some excitement. He was prepared to not like it, but they disarmed him. Nicole thinks they looked and sounded amazing, and she loved the song choice. She felt like she was watching them in concert.

Simon calls this by far Lakoda Rayne’s best performance. He’s not going to say the vocals were perfect, as there was a lot of running around. In terms of what type of group they should be and what kind of music they should be making, The more they stay, the most America will get to know them. He knows firsthand they are four really sweet girls. Paula, through tears, says that they have proven to her that the sky is the limit. She is very proud of them.

Leroy Bell is giving thanks to her mom this week. He grew up in a big family, and knows you can’t raise a lot of kids without being a special person. He’s the first-born and had a special bond because of that. When he was in his teens, ti finally hit him that he wanted to do music for the rest of his life. Once she bought him a guitar amp, he knew she was behind him 100%. She passed away a few years ago, and it was devastating. She was the only one who was always there for him. She was one of the reasons he tried out for X-Factor. Nicole feels he chose the most perfect song for tonight. He sings Angel, and his raspy voice is perfect on this. It’s moving in every bit the same way that Melanie was.

L.A. tells Leroy it was really good, and he loved his message. For him it wasn’t his very best, but it was good. It was heartfelt for sure, though. Paula can not disagree with L.A. any more. Again through tears, she explains she finally felt so much passion and connection that it was the most beautiful performance he has ever given. It’s because he was so connected to it. And again, she issues a “God bless you.”

Simon has a lot of respect for L.A., and that’s why he wanted him on the show. Like him, he works for a record label. Normally he agrees with him, but not tonight. This is the first time he feels Leroy meant every word. He got to know him more and felt it was a fantastic tribute to his mom and a great version. He really made his mark this week. Nicole calls this the moment. She asked him to let go and not hold back, and that’s exactly what he did. She knows his mom is shining down on him right now.

Astro wants to give thanks to his supporters, especially after last week. He was disappointed to find out he was in the bottom two and asks us to think about how frustrated we would be if we were in the same position. He just felt like people weren’t getting him and didn’t know how to control his emotions onstage. He was expecting hate from his fans and was surprised to see they were supporting him. He knows those supporters are the only reason he’s still there. At the beginning of his song, he promises there will be no tears from him this week. He definitely has his confidence back, although it’s not the best he’s been.

Before the judges can even say anything, Astro says he had a moment last week where it got over his head and he could have handled himself better. He promises his supporters, Team Astro, the Astro-Nauts, and the world of hip hop that he’ll never let them down again.