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The Final Night

(Monday 4th October 9pm – Midnight GMT)

It’s the Final night and our celebs enter the castle and are immediately sent too the great hall, by our Cheggars, for a séance. Ian Lawman is there sitting at the top of a long table laid out with bread and fruit. The point of this séance is to invite a spirit to join them for supper, they have an empty chair ready for them.
Lawman becomes host to a spirit called Richard, from the 11th century. When asked what year it is Richard responds that it is 1130. Well, excuse me Mr. Lawman, I’ll think you’ll find that’s the 12th century. Is this the worlds worst medium or what?
Richard is unhappy, there’s no meat on the table, he starts calling them peasants. It’s obvious he’s seen what these celebs are being paid for the few nights they were there. Ricardo looks disgusted to be called a peasant, or is he? Towards the end of this séance he complains of smelling sweat.

After the séance Cheggars breaks the main party up into two teams again. Colin, Jo, Nancy and Roy are to go off too the battlements to hunt for the ghost of the headless drummer boy. Faith, Richard, Tamara and Ricardo are to visit the sacristy to check on those trigger objects that were placed on the hotspots the night before.

In the sacristy they note that the knife and the candle have moved. Ian Lawman joins the team and they go into night vision mode. Lawman picks up on monastical music and a presence. Tamara is feeling a slight stomach upset while Faith is feeling overwhelmingly tired.

Cut too the Battlements. Some damn fool has given Nancy a drum. She has to beat it and call out for the headless drummer boy. Legend has it that the drummer boy was murdered by bandits while delivering the wages of the soldiers that were stationed there some centuries before hand.
While Nancy beats her drum the team are plagued by a bat. Everyone gets excited by this an note there are two flying about.
Ian Lawman is now with them, he calls out too the spirit. He gets two letters spring to mind, S and F. “I’m getting the name Sean.” Says Lawman. “Farrell” jumps in Roy “I have no idea where I got that from.” (Maybe Sean Farrell is the name of landlord of the nearest pub)
After a quick break we find it’s Roy’s turn with the drum, he doesn’t half look uncomfortable. They point out a strange phenomena, the sky has gone orange (street lights, maybe?) and the bats start dive bombing them. All five of them start walking, talking and drumming. With all the outside lights turned off they are sure they can spot the entrance too a tunnel with a mirror at the front, they presume it’s a mirror because they can see a figure and presume it’s a reflection.. It is a tunnel but there’s no mirror. Roy swears that he heard hysterical laughter. To be honest I didn’t know I was laughing that loudly.

Skipping ahead team one are in the sacristy again with Lawman and the four that checked the trigger objects. It’s séance time again. Ricardo is crying before they even start, it’s only a good thing he doesn’t wear mascara.
It’s to be another one of those séances where Lawman tries to find someone one of our celebs knows. After picking on Faith and Richard he starts picking up on an 82 year old woman who spends a lot of time in bed. But we don’t get a chance to see how this ends as we now go to a commercial break.

After the break the team from the battlements are sent too the Ante room with a ouija board. This is soon abandoned by Lawman as he takes possession of a spirit. This time it’s supposedly Henry IV and the year is 1456. After shouting and swearing, which makes Jo and Nancy jump out of their skins, Colin takes charge and tries to calm the angry spirit. Nancy is making me laugh now with her comedy startled look and Roy seems to be thinking of that pub again.
Lawman is now taken by another spirit, one called Jimmy. Jimmy likes Scotch on the rocks (watch Roy’s eyes light up) and has had throat problems. It’s this point that the floor manager breaks Lawman out of his “possession” and once more into the break dear friends, once more.

After a dissection of the previous 2 nights and another break Cheggars informs us that it’s down to two people who have been voted King/Queen of the castle. The two going head too head are Ricardo and Faith.

And the winner is……

With 27% of the overall vote…..

Faith Brown. You see what you can achieve if you jump a foot in the air and land on your rump, you win I’m Frightened and Famous 3.


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