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Scare Tactics, November 21- Aliens, Robots and Werewolves, Oh my!

Sanaa is being set up by her friend Farzad to check out abandoned homes, but is about to get witch-slapped. Sanaa discovers there is a pentagram on the floor and all kinds of stuff like candles and … a lady who wants her to enter the circle.

The lady offers to call the police, but Sanaa is then tossed around by the wicked witch of Scare Tactics. She begins screaming, and the woman asks if she is scared. Sanaa seems to be in a full blown panic when the witchy woman reveals she is on Scare Tactics. What a scary situation for her and such a nice friend she has.

Brad’s buddy Chad (it rhymes) gets him on the show to investigate car accidents. Brad arrives at the scene of the accident with an assistant. When a farmer arrives, Brad begins to question him. The mysterious farmer tells him he saw something really big. and it crossed the road and was fast as hell. Brad hears a wolf, and they jump back in the car and spot another crashed vehicle.

Brad is not getting out of the car now. His boss describes the accident details, and Brad can’t deal with any of it. A man shows up frantic at the car window and tells Brad he had an accident. A werewolf, yes I said a werewolf, jumps out and begins attacking. Poor Brad is in full panic mode, then told he is on Scare Tactics. He jokes he has been hugged by weirder things after the werewolf makes nice and gives him the “I apologize for scaring the ever living feces out of you” hug.

Abena says her daughter Uche is the biggest drama queen (she has not met half of my relatives). Uche is hired to babysit for a family who are involved in a police investigation. The child begins drawing pictures with Uche, then gets up and begins screaming. The child goes outside while the lights go off and bright lights come on.

The father comes in, and Uche says she does not know where the kid is. He tells her that this is the same thing that happened when his son went missing. These parents should really watch their kids better. The Mom shows up bleeding, followed by an insane alien. He has abducted half the family, and now the father.

Uche is scared. The kid’s Mom begins asking her if she is scared, then reveals she should be, because she is on Scare Tactics. Uche’s mom comes offers her daughter some water, and she must not have been thirsty, because she dumps the water on her mom. The abducted family returns to offer a round of applause.

Dylan’s friend Francesca wants to set him up, because he is animated, and his job involves helping the elderly and asking them questions for a survey. Dylan begins to go around to the patients and asks the questions which are strange. A patient, Peter, is looking for Louise, his wife who went missing.

Dylan asks the fake doctors why they want to know if the patients have any family members in law enforcement. He tellsl them this is not legit and it seems as if he is figuring it out! Dylan is advised to hang with Peter and says “Oh this country.” Oh, Dylan you should have read the fine print! Peter tells Dylan he is thirsty, and Dylan enters a room with a bleeding woman and finds Louise. Uh-Oh.

Louise has a large part of her side missing and the crazy doctor begins pulling body parts our of Louise. Dylan begins to run out of the building, and the fake orderly has to chase him to inform him that he is on Scare Tactics.

That is all for now folks. Watch out for those unsuspecting scary moments and make sure to watch Scare Tactics on the Syfy channel, Mondays at 9/8c. Happy Hauntings and remember watch your back folks.

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