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Scare Tactics, November 21- Aliens, Robots and Werewolves, Oh my!

Scare TacticsOn tonight’s episode of Scare Tactics, we meet someone whose screams could match Mariah Carey’s upper register and not in a good way. Axel’s nice friend Santiago got him a job working with bees.

Axel arrives and meets a woman who explains bees to him. Her boss is a beekeeper who is working to make the ultimate killer giant bee. Just what the world needs, a giant killer bee. On the table in front of him are boxes filled with queen Bees! The beekeeper explains that this is the normal size of the bee, your average little bee, He explains he is creating a super huge bee. What is wrong with this man?

Axel run, save yourself. The beekeeper begins yelling and Axel wants to leave. The beekeeper tells Axel to ship the bee right away! What happened to interviews, and where is OSHA? Axel tells the assistant that there is honey in some of the boxes. The woman opens a door that leads to bee hell, and the beekeeper tells Axel he has to help get her out. Axel is informed he is on Scare Tactics. What a nice birthday present from Santiago.

Axel continues screaming and tells the fake beekeeper that he would have hoped he would have ran out with him, because the assistant is already dead. Well, he did scream, so they accomplished what they set out to do! Good job Tracy Morgan! You make me smile.

Meet Lisa, whose friend Catherine got Lisa a pretend job working with obnoxious robots. A man in a lab coat comes in and tells Lisa she must sign a confidentiality paper and must document and file everything in the room but, he can’t tell her too much about the job. Ookay, I would have turned around and left.

Lisa discovers a strange-looking covered bloody device that resembles a photo booth from hell. Lisa knocks a box over, and a woman with a robot voice and a red cat suit comes out saying she is hungry. Lisa leaves to get the doctor and tells him that the robot said she is hungry.

The doctor goes into the room and finds his assistant on the floor with a tube sticking out of him leaving Lisa to believe the robot sucked his blood. Lisa looks a little shocked, and the doctor tells her to tell the robot that she will give her blood. Lisa says she is anemic and a vegetarian. The robot begins demanding blood and Lisa argues with it. The robot finally reveals Lisa is on Scare Tactics. Good for you Lisa, stand up to the robot.

Sky’s boyfriend Addison sets her up to be a babysitter. It is a little girl’s birthday; she wants to do something fun like speak to her deceased father. There is a package on the table, and Sky offers to help the little girl open the birthday present. It is a Ouija board. The little girl asks Sky if she knows how to play the Ouija board and they begin asking it questions. Sky looks a little scared, but the kid is a good actor.

The little girl asks the spirit board where her father is, and the kid screams and starts acting a little crazy. Sky is telling her she is scaring her. The little girl falls over and the lights begin flickering. The mother returns with a knife that would disappoint Michael Myers and begins chanting “I need your soul.”

There was no cake, no singing and nothing but shock for poor Sky, who after having the crap scared out of her is told her soul is needed for Scare Tactics.

Vanna is putting her friend Daniel on the show just to scare him. Daniel is introduced to Tony who reveals some strange marks on his arm. He goes back to tell Craig that some guy told him to check out the back room.

Daniel is told to reach down as far as he can into the drain, and he pulls out a snake’s skin. Daniel looks freaked out. Craig is checking for blockages and pulls out his camera plumbing snake. Daniel spots something creepy on the camera, and they both decide to go and check out the other room. That is always the best idea, to go check out the other room. So we go from Snakes on a Plane to snakes in a drain. Okay, I get it now. Daniel is freaked out, and the crazy snake man has locked him in a room with snakes.

The makeshift plumber tells Daniel he has an idea to get them out! Guess what the idea is, He is on Scare Tactics.



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