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The Amazing Race, Nov. 20 – “Copin’ and Hangin'”

Cathi and Tommy arrive at the theatre at the same time, as Sandy takes off. Cathi tries to deliver the poem again and this time nails it. She gets a “Bravo” and the clue. Tommy gets his chance on the stage, but not before Cathi quietly tells him he has to do drama. However, he stands there and says it with no emotion and no movement whatsoever. He is told “more drama” to “give life to the words.” As he leaves to go back, Sandy arrives. She also stands still while reading with no emotion. She is told “more drama” and heads back.

Bill and Cathi leave, and Tommy comes back. Andy thinks he seems pissed off. Sandy doesn’t even stop. She just does a drive-by and says she’s back and heads back to the theatre. Tommy tries a second time, and this time walks and moves his arms. He gets suck on a word, but remembers it and passes. Sandy does it with more emotions this time and gets her “Bravo” and clue. I’m guessing none of these people will be forgetting that poem any time soon.

Ernie and Cindy are still spinning around and putting Legos together. They get it figured out where they’re going, Hamburg, but still need to put the rest of it together. Tommy lands back at the statue, and he and Andy take off for Legoland. Sandy arrives just after, and she and Jeremy, too, take off.

Ernie and Cindy get the Legos completed, and are told it’s correct. They will now have to drive across the border to the Hamburg Train Station to get the next clue. She calls the puzzle easy, but says it was a little dizzying to complete it on the ride.

Amani and Marcus arrive at Legoland, an she’s not liking the idea of the ride. She doesn’t like being twirled around and wishes she would have taken a motion pill. They, too, figure out Hamburg Train Station before the Legos are completed. She starts to think she might throw up, and says she would hate to do it on any kids. They find what they believe to be a barf bag.

Cathi tells Bill while he’s driving that at this point, she has run out of map. It doesn’t go any further. Amani and Marcus work on the puzzle, and she’s still thinking she might throw up. He also thinks he might throw up. She tells him if she has to hold it together, so does he.

While Tommy is driving, Andy has the map spread out, and it completely takes up the whole back seat. He cracks that he doesn’t know if the map is big enough. “It’s kind of hard to find stuff.” Tommy says, “You know what they say about people with big maps … a lot of places to go.” Jeremy and Sandy are en route as well. Bill and Cathi stop in a pizza place to ask directions, but she doesn’t understand what the man is saying.

Amani and Marcus get their Legos completed, and he tells her to grab the vomit bag just in case, as she might need it. They take off, and Marcus asks if they are supposed to drive to Hamburg. On their way out, they pass Andy and Tommy who are arriving. The snowboarders ask how it was, and Marcus warns them to make sure they have the barf bag. Andy is stoked for this challenge as he was a Lego maniac when he was younger. Jeremy and Sandy arrive at the park as well.

Both teams get on the Carousel ride, and Sandy is the one thinking she’s going to puke. While Tommy has the idea to take the pieces and put them in the Lego box while they’re trying to put it together, Jeremy and Sandy let theirs slide right off the spinner thing that doubles as a table (think Tilt-a-Whirl), and even lose one on the floor underneath the bucket they’re in. Jeremy wishes his son were there to help them.

While driving over the border, Cindy explains Ernie lived in a little town in Bavaria for about a year. However, he notes he has an American dialect. She quickly corrects him and says he means “accent.” The Lego builders are still going, and Sandy calls it absolute torture and the worst thing she’s ever had to do. Andy explains it’s easy for the snowboarders, as you can’t make them sick from motion. “Just spin to win.” Cindy seems about to throw up, and the snowboarders encourage her to do so.

Bill and Cathi stop at the Hilton front desk to ask for directions and have them draw a map. Andy and Tommy finish their Legos and work on spinning their bucket even more so. Jeremy and Sandy are missing the piece that fell on the ground, but don’t know where it is. She knows if they lost it down below the bucket, they’re done. They ask for a new clue and start over, trying to follow what they already did.

Ernie and Cindy land at the bus station to find they must travel by train to Brussels, Belgium, their third country in this leg. Once there they will find the European Parliament building. The next train leaves at 12:30 PM, and it’s the only one that day. They’ll all be on the same train. They drop their tickets on the floor and don’t notice it. Jeremy and Sandy finally complete the Legos and take off for the train station.