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The Amazing Race, Nov. 20 – “Copin’ and Hangin'”

It will be interesting this week on The Amazing Race to see if the U-Turn choices last week will have any affect on the remaining teams. Choices were made last week without thought of the social game that is played here. Ernie and Cindy chose to U-Turn Bill and Cathi not to stay in the game, but just to win first place on that leg. If they question Ernie and Cindy, other teams might question them for choosing the Laurence and Zac, who ended up getting eliminated. No one thought to instead U-Turn of a more competitive team such as Andy and Tommy.

Fortunately for them, Ernie and Cindy suffer no repercussions from the others and are the first team to leave Copenhagen, Denmark, at 9:01 AM. Once again, it doesn’t seem like it was just a twelve-hour rest period, as it didn’t look like 9:00 at night when they landed on Phil’s mat. They get a clue telling them to drive themselves to the Hans Christian Andersen statue to get their next clue. When Cindy’s China-born parents first came to America, she’s sure they would have chosen for her to marry a Chinese guy, but she hopes her parents will now see that she and Ernie have a very fun relationship.

At the statue, Ernie and Cindy find a Roadblock. One person from each team must memorize a poem by Andersen. Once they do, they’ll choose a bicycle and follow a map over the spokes on the front wheel to the Theatre Museum. Inside the museum they will need to recite the poem to a theatre critic with a lot of dramatic flair. If not good enough, they’ll have to return to the statue to start again. Ernie hands this one off to Cindy, making her nervous. Ernie knows she has a good memory, but thinks her short-term memory suffers sometimes.

A tour bus lets out right in the middle of Cindy’s memorization session. She says it out loud as she drives the bike to the museum. The “dapper” guy watches Cindy’s performance and gives her a “Bravo” and the clue. She is glad to get it on the first try and compares this to the audition of her life.

Bill and Cathi leave at 10:34 AM, and she explains they don’t like to think of the first leg when they couldn’t find the clue on the billboard. While they still have apprehension every time they open a clue, they just tell themselves they can figure it out, and have been able to do so. Andy and Tommy leave five minutes later, and Tommy asks his friend if he’s “Copenhagen” in there. Andy claims he’s copin’ and hangin’.

Once Cindy arrives back at the statue, she reads the clue that tells her and Ernie to drive themselves to Legoland Park. Once there, they need to find a Carousel ride to get the next clue.

Bill and Cathi land at the statue, and Cathi decides she’ll do this challenge. Andy and Tommy arrive just after, and Tommy decides he’ll be doing it. Bill explains Cathi used to be an English teacher and graded kids on this poem, so “she better do it right.” She looks at the map, but can’t find the theater, so stops to ask someone. She takes off while Tommy is still working on memorization. Tommy finishes his memorization and takes off for the theatre as well.

Amani and Marcus leave at 11:43 PM, as he says he is very proud of his wife at this point. He couldn’t have asked for a better teammate. He knows she might not be Peyton Manning, or any of the other guys he’s played football with, but she can hold her ground. They get to the statue, and she decides to do the Roadblock. He yells out random words while she’s doing this, thinking if he can distract her now, she will be less likely to be distracted and forget the poem while she’s riding the bike to the theatre.

Tommy stops to ask for directions to the theatre, stating they speak English in this country, and she still can’t find it. Cathi realizes she went the wrong way and turns around. Amani finds the theatre before the others and starts reciting with as much emotion as she can muster. She gets a “Bravo” and the clue as the other two are still looking for directions. She makes it back to the statue before the others to the astonishment of the waiting teammates. Amani tells Marcus, “You don’t know who you’re runnin’ with, Dawg.” Marcus says they just took the opening kickoff and ran it for a touchdown.

Cathi finds the theatre and tries to deliver the poem. She’s probably the one with the most expression so far with it. However, she gets a word wrong and is told it is “unsatisfactory.” She has to go back and try it again. Tommy is lost and still looking for the theatre.

Jeremy and Sandy, whom I’d forgotten about by this time, leave at 12:08 PM. He calls it tough to be away from home and his 6-year-old son, as he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He wants to win this race for him. However, Sandy will be the one doing this Roadblock. Cathi comes back, only to tell Bill she didn’t do it. She takes off for the theatre again.

Ernie and Cindy arrive at Legoland and get to the Carousel ride. They get the clue, a small tub of Legos. They need to piece it together while they’re being spun around on the ride, and can only do it while the ride is in motion. Once it’s completed, it will reveal the next clue. Cindy admits while being spun around that she’s felling a little sick.