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GUG – Episode 8? – Injections and Objections

The show starts off with an argument. John’s getting ready to go out with his friends to ‘celebrate’ his birthday. Carmine’s pissed ‘cuz John John’s punished. Aww. Victoria steps in and allows John to go out tonight, but he’s punished tomorrow. Carmine’s still pissed. Too bad, Carmine. Nananabooboo. (Sorry, I am a sibling too!)

Victoria has a love affair with —cupcakes. I am a cookie ho from back in the day so I can relate. She says chocolate fills the void that she feels without a man in her life. Again, I can relate. I was a single mom for a brief period in my 20s so I can understand. My hips still show the after-effects.

She admits that the dating thing hasn’t worked out so well. However, she hasn’t given up on the idea. Victoria talks to a new prospect on the phone. He was set up by Denise, the ‘celebrity’ matchmaker. He sounds nice and Victoria’s excited about their date on Friday nite.

The editors then cut to a shot of Frankie talking ’bout how he hates the idea of his mom dating and knows that his dad wouldn’t like it. Well, Frankie, I love ya and understand, but daddy cheated on mommy and he’s in jail right now, so daddy ain’t got no right to say a thing.

Victoria sends the boys off to Splish-Splash Water Park. Quack Quack is their chaperone. Victoria, I really agree with a lot of your decisions, but you need to find the boys a better chaperone than Quack Quack. Really.

Victoria knows it’s a mistake. She says, “Everything we plan is like a fiasco.” That is certainly not an exaggeration, it would seem, especially to us faithful watchers of Growing Up Gotti, right?

While the boys are away, Victoria says she has to work, which is true, in a sense. She also is having some WORK done. She’s got an appointment for some botox injections. I felt sad for Victoria who is a pretty lady with a lot of intelligence and a lot going for her. She said, she needed the Botox because it’s “a little shot of self-confidence.”

I really got a kick when en route to the doctor’s office, Tula said, “Do you think they can Botox my ass?” She’s a hoot.

Victoria is in a little bit of pain and well, she says, “this date better be worth it.” Then, she goes home and treats herself to some more cupcakes.

After eating a bunch of cupcakes, Victoria weighs herself. She’s shocked by the number so she takes off her jewelry to see if the results are better suited to her tastes without the bling-bling. Sorry, but NOPE! I’ve tried that too. It never works.

Meanwhile, Quack Quack ended up riding to the waterpark without the boys. They went on ahead. He spent a while trying to find them. Of course, the boys rough house with their ‘chaperone’. I always wonder who’s really watching who here. Remember, Miami?

Anyway, Quack gets called out by the lifeguards, who he chooses to ignore. He takes off and jumps in a restricted area. He gets himself booted out of the park. Nice, huh!

So, back to Victoria. She’s gained 8 lbs. She decides to go to a health club. She meets with a nutritionist and says she doesn’t want to give up her cupcakes. One day, she ate 11. She admits to binge-eating because she’s lonely. Her food intake for one day alone is astounding. It’s based on junk food and high carbs. I’m so jealous. (Yup! I’m low-carbing it here, folks!)

She then has a session with hunky fitness trainer, Craig. Sign me up for that gym!

Victoria decides to ‘sneak out’ because she doesn’t want the boys to know she’s going out on a date. She feels like a teen again. She mentions that she doesn’t want to bring every guy home to meet the boys. That’s pretty common. I remember when I was ‘auditioning’ husband #2. {smiles, but I am being serious, at least in part!}

The boys, of course, suspect. Carmine waits on the second level to see the limo pull up. Angel, Victoria’s sis, comes to watch them for the evening. Paul is the date du jour. He seems nice. At dinner, however, he proves to be a bit of a bore. He talks about how close he is to his parents and goes into a diatribe about his mother’s health problems. I know nothing turns a woman on like hearing a man talk about his sick mother. Don’t you?

Then, when he suggests that they ‘go bowling’ when they’re dressed to the nines, Victoria excuses herself. I think he was teasing, but you can never be too sure.

She calls her sis and begs for her to come up with an excuse to get her out of the date. When she returns to the table, Paul talks about Victoria’s honesty and how he admires her for it. She’s ‘forthright’. Well, then the phone rings. It’s Angel (Surprise Surprise!). She’s been ‘rushed to the emergency room.’

Victoria almost laughs during the call. I don’t know if Paul bought the excuse, but they bid farewell. Victoria returned home a little down-trodden and ready for more cupcakes. She admits that she’s more upset about the loss of a shared future than the loss of her actual marriage. Losing the dreams is often harder than losing the man. I know that from experience.

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