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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 3 – Snakes On a Plate

Nyesha – Rattlesnake Braised with Tequila Citrus and Jalapeno – She included a cous cous with rehydrated golden raisins as well.

Chewie – Adobo Seasoned Rattlesnake with Pasilla Balsamic BBQ Sauce

Richie – Grilled Jerk-Seasoned Rattlesnake with Roasted Corn

The Bottom Three – Paul with the lost flavor of the snake, Richie with too much citrus and Nyesha’s overcooked and one-dimensional snake.

The Top Three – Beverly’s elegant dish, Vampira’s BBQ and Sarah’s well-cooked serpent. Vampria gets the win, despite her crippling fear of snakes. Good for her.

Elimination Challenge – Make the teenage girl happy with delicious Mexican food. Tom, Padma, Johnny and Mono join the birthday girl.

Pink Team
The Destroyer – Fire-Roasted Summer Fritter with Avocado – He channels Angelo by plating it on a giant spoon. Blanca can’t taste the avocado. Tom finds it to be dry, and Mono says it’s just a hush puppy in the end.

RickRoss & Lindsay of the Corn – Pork Tenderloin Huarcache with Pineapple Salsa – Padma was not happy that one bite pulled the whole piece of pork into her mouth. It is killing me not to have my mind wander, or jokes erupt, from the combination of the words “Padma,” “pork” and “mouth.” Killing. Me.

Nyesha – Tilapia Ceviche with Crispy Plantain Chips and Spiced Popcorn – Tom thinks the flavor is good, if not the texture.

Pretty Boy – Choclo Con Chile – Padma found this to be her favorite of the group; while Tom agreed that it was a really nice job.

RickRoss – Enchiladas en Salsa Verde – Mono is confused by the use of flour tortillas rather than corn. Basically, RR made a burrito. Tom did think it was flavorful, but the others had nothing good to say.

The Destroyer – Carne Asada with Pinto Beans – Padma liked it, and Tom felt the beans were nicely cooked.

Sarah & Lindsay of the Corn – Cochinita Pibil – Johnny felt that it fell apart too much, and Tom is just not happy about the store bought tortillas.

Vampira – A freakishly colorful, highly frosted cake filled with strawberry and pineapple – It was SWEET!

Green Team
Richie – Tapioca Chicharron with Pork Carnitas – Blanca thinks it needs to be even crispier since the soft pork middle needs to be accentuated. Tom is impressed with Blanca. We have a new judge for Top Chef Season 20.

Paul – Shrimp Yuzu Ceviche with Corn Salsa and Yucca Chips – Tom likes it and it is his favorite of the four appetizers.

Edward – Tomatillo Gazpacho with Watermelon, Jicama and Pork Rinds – Mono loves the great flavor.