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Basketball, Bribes and Bimbos – The Benefactor, Episode 4

October 4, 2004. By Jade

This week opens with Mark Cuban giving the final 6 the task of building a basketball team to compete the following night in a game of Horse. The teams must consist of one man, one woman and one child, 12 years of age or under. No pros allowed.

Mark wanted to see how the contestants would use their skills to build a team as he had to do with the Mavericks.

Mark divided the contestants into two teams, team Silver with Femia, Dominic and Tiffaney. Team Blue with Linda, Kevin and Spencer. He felt that these people had worked together before and would be comfortable together.

Team Silver seemed to work well together. Team Blue had a little power struggle between Linda and Kevin. Linda admits being used to taking charge and Kevin commenting that Linda must be confused with the other challenge where she was the team leader.

The teams had a very different approach to building their teams, Team Silver aka Team Beautiful, were systematically calling rec centers to find the best players. They watched some people play and found all three players quickly. Bernard (the man), Amy (the ex-college player) and Junior (12 yrs old) were their players.

Team Blue walked the streets to find their local players but found nothing but doggie doo. Long after Team Silver had found their ringers, Team Blue finally went into a posh looking gym and asked for the best players the staff knew. They found their man from a sports store. At least they asked him to dribble a little (the ball!) and lob a ball in Linda’s general direction. Spencer spotted a boy in the posh gym, the only child there, and thought he did well, so Lucas was in. The woman they got on a lead assured Spencer over the phone that she was good, so she was in too. I bet Mark was glad these three weren’t in charge of picking for the Mavs.

On game night, Mark makes the teams go through the same type of intros given to pros, with spotlight and announcer to escalate the tension among the players and teams. Mark expressed his surprise that the Blue Team hadn’t seen most of their team shoot a ball. Instead of HORSE, the game was called LOSER. Mark makes a shot, and then each team picks a player to shoot in the same fashion. When a team misses the shot and the other team makes it, the losing team gets a letter.

At first it looked as though Team Silver was going to walk away with it when Team Blue had LOSE. Mark comments on how Team Silver is on top of the world, confident and shouting crap at Team Blue who looks dejected. Mark says there’s no room for quitting when you want to be successful.

Team Blue makes a great comeback and ties it up. Mark makes the teams shoot from all over the court, including some from under the basket with his eyes closed and backwards without looking at the basket. It all comes down to the children in the end. Lucas, age 10, from Team Blue and Junior, age 12, from Team Silver. Mark has them shooting from the top of the key. Junior is up first, with much heckling from Team Blue, he misses. Lucas is up next, he also misses. Junior tries again and makes the shot, Team Blue still heckling the poor guy. Lucas shoots, it circles the basket a couple of times and bounces out. LOSER for Team Blue, one of them is going home. Lucas apologizes to the team for ruining their dreams, tearing. Mark gives him a hug and tells him all the girls will remember how cute he is instead of the basket he missed, causing a smile.

Linda’s confessional shows her telling us how she is a good loser, then we see the game where she wants to kick all of Team Silver’s asses because they beat her.

Next Mark offers the losing team a bribe to leave the game. He starts at ten thousand dollars, which they all turn down. He ups it by ten thousand each time. Linda says she didn’t come to win thousands, she came to win a million. Kevin seems to hesitate each time, thinking of how much money it is. Spencer seems to think that if it gets to a couple hundred thousand he might consider taking it.

Finally, at thirty thousand dollars, Kevin takes the money, proving to Mark that he doesn’t have the confidence needed to win. Mark has Kevin open the envelope, revealing that Spencer would have been the one eliminated had no one taken the money. Kevin’s parting remarks included that Oprah would be proud of him and that he is a thousandaire! 😆

Mark stated that he felt Spencer would have left because he took short cuts, referring to accepting a player without seeing her play.
As the final five are celebrating with a meal, Mark reveals that the next day there would be another task for two teams of two. The five contestants would be the ones to decide who was to be the odd man out.

Spencer and Linda quickly separate themselves and decide to make the ‘three bimbos’ decide amongst themselves who would be left out. Linda breaks the news to the others who try to figure out how to decide. After many suggestions, they decide to play Jenga. Dominic lost.

The preview for next week shows Mark assigning the gang to do random acts of kindness. The follow up causes many arguments and Mark wanted to see what kinds of criticism there would be and how the contestants would respond to the criticism. Mark also alludes to the fact that Dominic may not be leaving just because he was odd man out. I wonder if he’ll be choosing which team were the kindest? That would take the smile off Linda’s face pretty quickly, she seemed pretty happy that Dom might be leaving.


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