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Survivor: South Pacific – Ep 10 – Pagonging Complete

Treemail Top 10
• We have to talk about Whitney because there is much to discuss. And I don’t mean her comparing Coach to Jesus, or her mocking the advanced degrees of Sophie and Cochran. I mean THIS STORY!!!! It gives new meaning to the moment where Whitney said she was rooting for Keith in the truel. It also lends a serious case of hypocrisy to Whitney’s outrage over Cochran’s betrayal. I mean, how do you have a secret marriage when you are a public figure? Not to mention, breaking it off so abruptly after you met a stinky man on a tropical island. Yeah, the sanctity of marriage is threatened by Ellen and Portia getting married. Right.
• Cochran is a fanboy at heart and may already know that his fear of pulling the rock killed his chances of winning. If so, then he is doing fanboy thinks, such as Coach Chi on the beach. He has drunk the Koach Kool Aid, but was it to the extent of giving up? I ask this because Cochran hearing that Coach was concerned about Albert alarmed Cochran for himself, instead of what it should have done which is lead Cochran to plant the seed in Coach to go after Albert.
• Why was Whitney surprised to hear that they jury is starting to form? Has she never seen the show before? At the Truel, we find out that Whitney loves her new boyfriend, that Brandon and Rick were inexplicably rooting for Rice and that no one wants to sit next to Ozzy at homeroom. Rice fell out of the challenge first – balancing two poles on the tops of your hands to balance a board atop of them. And despite some shaky moments, Ozzy outlasted Keith as well. It was a moment with no drama to me because last week we saw in the Next Times that Ozzy was going to be standing on top of a tree. We didn’t see that shot pre-Truel, so logic dictates that he was still to come. Good job, Show. That was both sarcastic (spoiler) and honest (the actual awesome tree shot).
• How awesome would Secret Double Redemption Island be? I think that’s what is behind the veil that Sirius Black fell through. That’s right, dropping some old school Harry Potter on you. Warning though, a bit of a spoiler for the cave dwellers unfamiliar with Potterlore by now.
• Anyone else notice the terribly bad audio edit when Cochran was talking about how he gets past the seventh slot, right before the first immunity challenge?
• Challenge #1 – balance a bowl of rice on your head, without touching it, and traverse two teeter totters and dump it into a container. The first one who fills the container wins. It basically comes down to Dawn, Brandon and Sophie as the others were dropping rice faster than guests at a Kardashian wedding. Poor Dawn had to deal with a rather intrusive crotch camera shot which I am sure will not be going into her personal reel. In a close race, Sophie chose to overload her third bowl and wrap it up quickly. It worked and she takes home the immunity. Sadly, another challenge goes by with no reward attached. It is one of my biggest complaints about the RI format, the loss of the reward challenge.
• Great nickname – Soph-a-loph. Well played, Albert.
• Loved how Probst tried very hard to get someone to say something at Tribal. Cochran won’t reveal anything – if he has a plan it is hidden away somewhere in that sweater vest. Coach wouldn’t – given in that he was in charge – but he worries, he stresses, he believes and he trusts. He’s Coach.
• The big twist that everyone saw coming was the surprise second Tribal Council right there on the spot. It was a quiz of South Pacific facts, which Survivors are usually briefed about before the show begins. It seems that only Whitney and Sophie were paying attention as it came down to those two and a true/false question about the safety of removing giant clams. Sophie knew it was safe to remove it from the ocean. That means that Sophie singlehandedly took down both Dawn and Whitney in one episode.
• Last thought – coco sprouts. Made up. Good job, Coach.

Votes 1 – Dawn 7 (Cochran, Coach, Brandon, Albert, Sophie, Edna, Rick), Edna 2 (Whitney, Dawn)

Votes 2 – Whitney 7 (Cochran, Coach, Brandon, Albert, Sophie, Edna, Rick), Cochran 1 (Whitney).

Next week – Clip show. In two weeks, Brandon stops catching fish and catches heat instead. Coach elects for a new nickname – Zeus. That can’t be good.

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