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X-Factor, Nov. 17 – Disappiontment in the Bottom Two

The most tense person in the building tonight has to be Paula Abdul. She has a lot to lose on tonight’s X-Factor results show. She could lose her last group. It could be difficult, as they won’t want her to lose her last act, but they were clearly not great last night and were in the bottom two last week. Regardless whoever the acts are in the bottom two will certainly receive a vote to stay from their respective mentors, so they really should just have the other two vote, providing it’s not the same category like it has been the past two weeks.

The show starts out right away with the group number, with everyone singing We Will Rock You, celebrating Rock Week. Jash Krajcik sounds amazing on it, which is to be expected. Drew sings it as well, meaning it’s something more uptempo, and it shows a weakness in her. Astro and Chris Rene work in some rap that blends well with this song. I’ll add that Chris is dressed a little like Justin Timberlake.

Simon Cowell mentions that last night was amazing, He says apart from his own contestants, Rachel Crow, Drew, and Melanie Amaro, who he feels were brilliant, two other contestants stood out for him, Josh Krajcik and Astro. Regardless of everything else, Paula is feeling very confident with “her girls,” as well as hopeful, grateful, and blessed. She thinks they did just enough and that America will as well.

The judges won’t be standing onstage with their acts to hear who the bottom two are tonight. In no particular order, safe until next week are Leroy Bell (who is shocked!) and Lakoda Rayne (now I’m shocked and so is Simon). Paula addresses the other judges and says, “I told you so.”

The other acts have to sit through what must seem like time-wasters to them. A film package is shown of the contestants at a photo shoot. The photographer especially likes Stacy Francis, saying she has wonderful expressions. He also likes Chris Rene and Marcus Canty, who is thinking one of these shots could be his album cover. They each get to keep a camera of their own after the shoot. Marcus somehow ended up in most of the photos with the girls, including the second oldest in the competition, Stacy.

Rihanna, L.A. Reid’s buddy, takes the stage. She helped him decide which acts to bring to the live shows, and now she returns to perform. She sings the worldwide premiere performance of her newest single We Fell in Love. It’s a catchy tune that is hard to still through. For rock week, though, shouldn’t they have had a rock performer?

It’s back to the results, and this time the judges walk out with their acts, other than Paula who is seated at the judges’ table with her one and only group safe. Also being called safe and making it through to next week are Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Marcus Canty, Drew, and Rachel Crow. That leaves Astro and Stacy Francis as the bottom two, leaving me and probably everyone else saying, “No way!”

I love Stacy, but she doesn’t have a prayer in staying over Astro. Rachel gets a huge hug from Simon as she sobs. Steve asks Stacy how she feels, and she can’t even speak. Nicole is proud of her nonetheless. Astro tells everyone to not be sad. L.A. feels strongly about young Astro’s future.

Stacy takes the stage for her showdown performance, singing Amazing Grace, and it gives me chills that this beautiful voice can sing such a haunting song, albeit a little shaky because of her nerves. I’m hoping she listens to the words, “I was blind, but now I see.” She may have been blind and believed those men in her life that kept her down and let her think she had talent, but I hope now she sees that she is a huge, huge talent.

L.A. introduces “the magnificent Astro.” He takes the stage and tells L.A. he doesn’t really want to perform and finds it unnecessary, so he leaves it up to L.A., asking if he should. L.A. tells him he’s come a long way, so Astro asks the audience, who of course want him to. He raps to I Never Can Say Goodbye, and is missing his usual confidence in his performance. It looks like it will be up to Paula who she sends home, as Simon already called him one of the best last night, and the other two will vote for their own acts.

It goes to the judges for the vote. L.A. mentions it’s about attitude, and Astro and Stacy have come a long way. Stacy did good job, but it upset him to see Astro look like a quitter, because he’s too talented and has come too far to give a lackluster performance after all the other great ones. He respects both of them, but has to stick with his guy and votes to send Stacy home.

Nicole has so much admiration for Stacy as an artist and a woman to make herself vulnerable with everything she’s got every week. Astro blows her away with what he does. She knows he’s meant for the stars, so she stands by her girl and votes to send Astro home. Paula has tremendous respect for both Astro and Stacy and believes they are both in the same boat. They have to walk with gratitude, as it’s not how you start, but how you finish. They’re both talented, but she votes to send Stacy home.

Simon has the deciding vote. He tells Astro he doesn’t like his attitude right now, and suggests he stop folding his arms, look at him, and think about his mom watching the show, as he’s showing disrespect to his mom and the audience. Astro says it’s not disrespect, but if he’s going to be in the bottom two, he doesn’t want to perform for people who don’t want him there. That elicits a lot of boos from the audience. Simon wonders if Astro is in the bottom two again if he’ll do the same thing again. Astro apologizes through tears. The crowd shouts in the background as Simon admits to being tempted. But based on who he believes has the best chance of winning, he doesn’t want to do it, but sends Stacy home.

Stacy takes a serious moment to thank the judges and tells the audience to be quiet. She had an amazing journey, but wasn’t always happy with song choices. She didn’t believe she did great last night and has to go with that. She has to suck up her pride and take responsibility for the performance she gave. The journey has ben really great. She can’t believe she’s going home, but has to. She thanks Simon, because he gave her, at 42, a chance. Interestingly, she has no thank yous for Nicole.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed in both Stacy and Astro. While all the judges were certainly correct that Astro’s attitude stunk, Stacy’s wasn’t much better after her loss. To blame her song choices at this point and not thank Nicole leaves as much of a bad taste in my mouth as Astro not wanting to sing. Nicole brought Stacy here and s the reason she made it here at all.

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