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X-Factor, Nov. 10 – Weaker Category Takes Second Hit

It seems like it’s only going to get harder and harder to eliminate contestants on X-Factor. The talent there is just that good. There wasn’t anyone who performed last night that I thought … ehhh. There were a few who were a little less great than others, but no one was ehhh. I do worry for the performers who sang in the first few slots of the night, because since everyone did well, they might be easily forgotten.

The final 11 take the stage for a group number and sing Save the World Tonight. The voices individually sound good, and are arranged great, but as a great big group, they’re not nearly as impressive as they are individually.

L.A. Reid announces what we all know, that last night was really good. However, he feels some people knocked it out of the park, while others dropped the ball. But, he was particularly harsh to one contestant and wants to apologize. Melanie Amaro was good, and he was just jealous, because she was so good.

Willow Smith is a special guest tonight singing Fireball She has less hair than what we’re used to and certainly less to whip back and forth. She seems to have her dad’s body, too, being very long and lanky. Jessie J performs as well, singing Baby Come On. It’s hard to focus on anything else, though, other than her skintight bodysuit with croquet mallet stripes.

The eleven finalists take the stage again to await their fate. Moving on for sure are Stacy Francis, Astro, Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Leroy Bell, Rachel Crow, Josh Krajcik, Drew, and Chris Rene. For the second week in a row, both acts in the final two are mentored by Paula Abdul. Again, as I have to work it in wherever I can, I have to note that the groups category didn’t have to be so weak. The judges let talented groups go home too early, before we even got a chance to vote on them. One of them for sure was the Badrigals, a group I personally saw audition in Chicago. They were great, and the audience loved them. They made it through to the next round, and were cut in Boot Camp.

Lakoda Rayne is up first to sing for their survival on the show. They sing No Air, which puts them back in that place L.A. doesn’t like, caught in between pop and country. But of course it’s hard for them to decide who they are; they just met, and were put together by the judges, not their own desires to perform together.

Having grown up together, The Stereo Hoggz take the stage and sing You Are Not Alone, fittingly, a Michael Jackson tribute of sorts. I prefer them of the two groups, but being in the bottom two two weeks in a row, there is a certain desperation in their performance.

The judges are asked for their decision on who to send home. L.A. is asked for a decision first. He felt both groups struggled tonight. He felt Lakoda Rayne has had an identity crisis, and while he felt The Stereo Hoggz performed well, he feels they have struggled with bad song choices. Forced to decide, he votes to send Stereo Hoggz home. Nicole has been impressed by Stereo Hoggz growth, but is all about female empowerment, so is voting to send them home and keep Lakoda Rayne. One more vote, and they go home.

Paula, crying already, refuses to do this, while Steve tries to force the issue with her. Simon Cowell saves her and tells her she doesn’t need to vote. Without her vote, though, majority will send Stereo Hoggz home no matter what Simon does. She loves her girls, but to give Stereo Hoggz a chance, she votes to send Lakoda Rayne home. The smart thing to do here would be for Simon to choose them as well and leave it up to an audience vote, so that the lowest vote-getters go home. Simon votes to send home The Stereo Hoggz, but notes he doesn’t think either group has had a chance to show what they’re capable of.

Paula says she is blessed to have worked with The Stereo Hoggz, and calls them the real deal. Surely Lakoda Rayne will end up in the bottom three against next week, by the way this is going. That means they’ll be up against one of the soloists in a decision of who will go home. Paula will obviously side to keep her girls, and the mentor of the other act will choose to keep their own, leaving it up to the other two judges. It looks to be an interesting week.

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