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X-Factor, Nov. 9 – A Night at the Movies

It was definitely not a big surprise to see one of the groups go home last week on X-Factor. It’s their weakest category. Unless one of the soloists does really badly this week, I could see another group going this week. I think the soloists inspire way more votes.

It’s Movie Night tonight, with all the performances coming from movie soundtracks. To go along with this theme, the finalists went to the premiere of Adam Sandler’s new flick, Jack and Jill. He seemed very gracious posing for pictures with the finalists and chatting them up.

First up tonight is one of Nicole Scherzinger’s Over 30s, Stacy Francis. She mentions she’s never been happier in her life, although she misses her kids. She’s still mentioning this could be her last chance to make this happen. Nicole is having her step out of her element tonight, doing a massive diva number. She’s singing Queen of the Night from My Bodyguard. It’s definitely a different Stacy. She looks good and very much unlike an Over 30.

L.A. Reid tells Stacy he didn’t want to like it. He didn’t like the song, and still doesn’t like it, but she did a much better job with it than he expected. He asks why she did the third most popular song on the album and not I Will Always Love You, and she reasons it was because she wanted to dance. Paula Abdul tells Stacy there is no mistaking that she’s a diva, and that she sings for her life every time. She also never liked this song, which L.A. takes offense to, as an original writer of the song. She claims she was telling him that as his friend, and also tells Stacy that she delivered.

Simon Cowell admits Stacy looks cute, but he’d have her wearing something else. The problem is that she now has to convince America that she deserves a $5 million contract. He liked her last week as a a singer, but feels Nicole has combined Stacy and Paula into one piece. He also didn’t like the choreography. Nicole thinks Stacy looks gorgeous, and even more importantly is that she shined from within tonight. She is a queen from within and is empowering to all women out there.

L.A.’s first Guys Under 30 to perform is Marcus Canty, whose mom flies out from Baltimore for the show each week. She’s a single mom, and has been his whole life. When he goes out onstage, her dreams become a reality too, not just his. Even though he’s top 11, his mom is still clear that he needs to go back and get a real job if he doesn’t win the $5 million. L.A. promises that tonight we’ll see a different side of Marcus. Marcus promises we’ll see his vocal ability tonight, not dancing, as the judges hope he’ll be able to maintain that connection. He sings I’m Going Down from Car Wash , and they’re right. It’s a different side of Marcus, and a great one at that. He was always one of the weaker performers to me, but last week I was impressed, and today I’m even more so.

Nicole announces just two words, “Ma-Gic.” He’s like a vision and beautiful dream up there. What she loves about him as a singer is that he means and enjoys every single word and moment. He’s not just a classic rock star and pop star, but also a superstar. Paula finds everything about him resonates star, from his look to his voice and delivery.

As the crowd chants “Marcus,” Simon has to say that now that we’re through “the ridiculous channeling of having to sing L.A.’s songs,” he’s finding what he should be doing in the real world. It was 1000 percent better than last week. He thanks God he threw the jacket off, as he looked like a cabaret singer before that. He advises him to dress himself. L.A. tells him Marcus he looks great and sounds great, and has better taste than some people that sit at the end of the desk, and he’s talking about himself. His crystal ball with a picture of an artist has a picture of Marcus in it.

Simon’s first Girl Under 30 is up, Drew. Getting to walk down the red carpet for Jack and Jill was like a dream for her. She’s from the small town of Chino Valley, Arizona, what her mom calls a small country down. Drew being on the show has turned it all upside down, with signs all over town promoting her and viewing parties going on. Simon promises this week it’s not what you’d expect her to be singing. L.A. wants her to prove she can do more than one thing. She sings Fix You from one of Simon’s favorite movies, You, Me, and Dupree. I don’t know what’s going on tonight so far, but she was another one I saw as the weakest in her category, but she turned out my favorite performance ever of hers.

As Simon sits like a proud papa, L.A. remarks that it was really good, and Drew was really good the week before, and the week before that. But, he doesn’t know the difference between the three performances. They kind of all blend together for him. He also wants to know whose home theater that movie was released in, as he never saw it. He figures maybe they should be singing songs from some of his home movies. Nicole calls Drew simply brilliant beyond her years. She loves that she takes her time, and unlike her mentor, she’s “just a little slice of heaven.”

Paula realizes that means she’s sitting next to hell. She feels Drew gives an honest performance every single week. She gives props to Simon for picking a song that really sits within a beautiful vocal range. She won’t give Simon props for what she’s wearing, though, as she’s a beautiful girl and the outfit takes the seriousness away. She advises her to not let Simon dress her anymore. Simon cuts to the bone and tells Paula that Drew designed the dress. Paula feels bad, but is still being honest. This is why Simon loves working with Drew, though. She takes risks and shows she’s not afraid to show originality, and he throws out the name of Lady Gaga. This is why he’s her mentor, because his job is to take this girl and develop her into a recording artist. It’s the type of record she should be doing, and he thinks L.A. is just trying to get into her head. I love the battle between those two.