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Scare Tactics, Nov. 14 – The Mob Boss and the Insane Asylum

Well, at least she is honest. They decide to go in the barn; that is always a good idea. The reporter informs them she is standing on the exact spot where the murders took place. Connie looks shocked and the reporter’s nose begins to bleed while she stands on the outlines of the dead bodies. The reporter tells Connie to go back to the van and get tissues, and Connie is confronted by an angry man who asks them if they have no respect for the dead.

Meanwhile, back in the crazy barn, the cameraman asks the reporter if she is okay. She says she is, then turns into The Exorcist and says in a psycho voice, “You’re not fine.” Connie returns to the barn and finds the cameraman with a pitchfork in him. The killer news reporter asks her if she knows where she wants her to go,then says in her normal voice, I want to put you on Scare Tactics. That is so nice of them!

Our next victim is going to be scared by a doll. Wait, didn’t we already deal with Chucky? Bryn is great with kids, so her boyfriend Chris decided to put her on the show to do a little bit of babysitting, no not for Rosemary’s baby. The kid is nice, but the brother is nineteen and still plays with dolls that just happen to be evil. Where is Super Nanny when you need her?

Bryn is very hard to scare, so wait until she meets the evil doll. The mother introduces herself and tells Bryn about the kids and how they doing one-on-one work. The little girl introduces herself and Eric the doll also meets Bryn. Bryn says it sounds like the doll has a personality. Dolls creep her out; this is why I only have Horror figures like Jason and Freddy. The brother comes in and sits with Eric the creepy doll, and Eric says it’s okay for the big brother to go and finish his exercises.

Alex is with Eric and the therapist, and now dead thanks to the creepy doll. He is asked by Bryn to get the therapist while Eric wants to stay with Bryn and the sister. Eric begins talking and telling them that he can hear them, and he thinks they are creepy. Well the doll is just giving his opinion. Alex wheels his dead therapist back into the room in a wagon, and Eric says he must do something to Bryn now, he must put her on Scare Tactics. Oh, boys and their toys … or … dolls.

Make sure to watch next week’s episode of Scare Tactics on the Syfy channel, Monday at 9/8c. Happy Hauntings everyone and remember watch out for creepy dolls.



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