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Scare Tactics, Nov. 14 – The Mob Boss and the Insane Asylum

Dennis is not going to declare his insanity, because the hard way involves a strait jacket, and the third way involves the doctors telling him that they can put him on Scare Tactics.

Our last victim is having a baby. I know what you are all thinking, “Aww, isn’t that nice.” Well no. Asha’s sister Eve thought it was nice to put her sister on the show, because she is basically scared of everything. Asha is going to work in the medical clinic from hell. She arrives and a make-believe doctor asks her to have a seat. She is asked to help Mr. Chan, a patient.

Asha begins filling out the form, and a panicked seven-month pregnant woman comes in the clinic and tells them her brother is parking the car. The doctor takes her in the back. Telling them that her brother is parking the car is more important than the fact she is having a baby.

The doctor comes out and tells Asha he needs her help and that he will give her a small incision and it will all be over. Okay someone call Dr. House. The girl is crying and screaming and tells them her boyfriend worships Satan. The doctor goes to make an incision to deliver the baby by the ex-boyfriend Davey, then releases several snakes. The ex-boyfriend comes in for Lauren, the woman who just delivered snakes.

The boyfriend tells Asha that she better be scared, because she is on Scare Tactics. You just can’t have a child with anyone, because you never know what kind of serpents will arrive, and which member of your family will put you on this show.

Fear is funny, or at least rather entertaining. Boris has agreed to star in a crazy show called “Fear Antics”. He is being set up by his cousin Mike. Aww, don’t you love family? Mike is tired of Boris’ pranks and wants payback. Boris will find himself in some serious trouble, as he will be pranking a Mob boss with something in his trunk. (Uh-Oh)

Boris and the host of Fear Antics begin their prank and the pretend Mob Boss tells him to watch the car with his life. The two begin spray painting the car and recording it. The Boss comes out and is informed he is on Fear Antics. The pretend prankster shows up, and the boss tells that he wants them to get up against the wall. They try to tell him that it is a prank and he is being filmed. The boss explains they have seen things they should not have seen, and the boss’s assistant, Tony, is told to whack the guy digging the holes.

Boris begs and pleads and even offers to help pop the guy (Pop the guy?). The boss ask Boris what he saw and what show he is doing. He asks him if he is scared, because he should not be, as he is on Scare Tactics.

Lana likes to read. Her nice friend Stefanie decided to put her on the show. Lana is gets a job organizing an old book collection. The books are a bit creepy and may be spellbinding. The store is buying an elderly man’s collection and there is one book of spells that the makeshift book buyer is really interested in. Lana is left alone to carefully go through the books, but of course the spell book author was put to death for writing the book she is stuck on.

The lights begin to flicker, and Lana seems a bit freaked out as the book buyer returns from the bathroom. Lana gets to meet the man who owns the book, and he comes out and tells her she may not know the author but the author knows her. The man’s grandson returns and says in order for them to buy the book, his grandfather wants to read from his book, you know the creepy spell book that causes strange things to happen.

The man wants to speak with his dead brother Alexander who appears as he reads. The man tells Lana as she looks freaked out that he hopes she knows where she is and that she is in a level of hell called Scare Tactics. The dead come back, and Lana screams. The book makes it into the book club of the month.

Next up, breaking news is happening, so why bother watching the news? Well it is informative and scares the crap out of you. Say hello to Connie, her friend Lakna volunteered her for the show. Connie will be working with a news crew and in a barn that makes people kill each other. The news reporter goes over the information with Connie. She stands with the cameraman, as the reporter hears a noise. Connie admits she is scared right away.



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