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Scare Tactics, Nov. 14 – The Mob Boss and the Insane Asylum

This week on Scare Tactics, the accomplice, the victim and the person who freaks out all have really crazy things to do. Lateasha’s nice friend Valentino knows that she loves animals, so he got her a job testing out dog collars. Really, I just don’t get it. As Tracy said, “the dog collar’s spark is worse than its bite.”

Let’s see if Lateasha can handle the testing. She and another test subject are told all the information about the dog collars, and then must put them on. Great idea! Lateasha is asked to stand up and select a dog toy from the table, and then place it back on the table. It seems easy enough, but wait, there is more.

It will be electrifying for these two as a random tech comes in and adjusts the frequency. He makes some changes, and his upset and rather creepy tech tells them they are going to have a blast. Once again they are asked to stand up and pick up another dog toy from the table. The crazy tech goes a little insane and knocks the doctor out after the doctor tells them he is getting some strange readings from the collars.

The tech attacks the doctor, then enters the room holding what looks like an old school Nintendo joy stick. He freaks out and pretends to electrocute the second tech. His head explodes, and the crazy tech dude tells Lateasha she is next, but has thirty seconds to convince him to keep her alive. She struggles and says, “Oh my God,” and tells him to think about what he is doing because there are witnesses.

The doctor shouts at Latesha, asking if she is scared. She screams, and he tells her she should not be scared, because she is on Scare Tactics. What a nice friend Valentino is. No animals were harmed in the making of that, but they did accidentally cause an actor to lose his head; it exploded. (Not really, don’t worry. They are professionals.)

The next victim, Omar, is being set up by his friend, Rafael, who says Omar gets very scared easily, so why not scare the hell out of him? Omar is working in an old abandoned building and will be working with old rocks that require fire to burn them. Nice, maybe he will scream.

A female tech comes in and notices an oddly out-of-place tarp that looks new with a strange contraption known as a core sampler, or a time machine according to Omar’s theory. It is used to drill into the core of rocks when it looks like a jacked-up crazy drill. Then of course there is a strange rock sitting next to it that no one has ever seen.

The female tech and another male tech decide to turn the thing on. Bright idea! They are both coughing and smoke is everywhere. The female tech looks a little sick, and a black SUV shows up with people wearing hazard mat suits that are lime green. T have now been exposed to dangerous toxins.

The folks in the hazmat suits shout at the others and tell them they are in a restricted area and are now contaminated. Omar has signs of paranoia, which is the first system. The male tech is lead out for a cleansing. The female tech is taken out, and the lime green hazard dudes take them into a tent and light them on fire, because we all know that is how you control crazy contaminated rocks. The hazard dudes tell Omar he has two options and he already knows option one is death by fire. Option two is putting him on Scare Tactics.

It is insane so far, and the show is funny, but it makes you wonder if people actually think that they are going to be put into the situations the makeshift techs, security guards and other actors on the show go through.

The next prank introduces us to Dennis. He is being set up by his own parents, (don’t get any ideas Mom and Dad.) Dennis is not scared to prank his family, so his family is seeking their pranking revenge. Dennis is going to be working in a facility where he will be delivering packages in an insane asylum. Dennis meets security, then leaves to meet the doctor. He walks through what looks like a few patients, carrying a package for a Dr. Kraft, then is left alone in a room.

A man enters the room and looks like a patient. He tells him that he had the same vest. The orderly comes in, and Dennis tells him they were having a good conversation. A woman dressed in a lab coat arrives, and Dennis begins speaking with the doctor. She begins to ask him medical questions instead of interview questions. Dennis is now frazzled, and the doctor informs him they can do this the easy way or the hard way.



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