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If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy – Starting Over, 10/1/04

Friday 10/1/04

We are back in the loft where everyone is discussing their Day of Shame. Sommer says she felt supported by the others because they wore scarlet letters too. (um, they were forced to do it…) Rhonda observes that it is amazing the shameful things we will do to get a scrap of love. She wants to know what made the others do their shameful things. Towanda wanted success. Sinae needed attention. Rhonda tells them they HAD to to what they did because they didn’t know any other way to get what they were seeking. Based on that, the women feel a lot more able to forgive themselves. Rhonda tells them that if you can forgive yourself even one percent, karma dissolves and grace begins to happen. Towanda peels off Sommer’s letter and the rest all peel off each others’.

The women have a night out in Hollywood, except Kim who is babysitting. Jen gets her nose pierced and Josie gets a 4-leaf clover tattoo on her foot. Sommer narrates that they are all enjoying each others’ company but she’s afraid this newfound trust will not be there in the morning.

The next morning Kim and Jen babysit while Josie sleeps in. Jennifer feels that Josie takes them for granted and doesn’t even say thank you when they take care of Chloe for her. When Josie gets up and says she wants to take a shower, Jennifer tells her to take the baby in with her, saying “I’ve had enough birth control for today.” (I’m with Jen on this one. I never got free babysitting and I resent people who do.)

Meanwhile Kim is chafing a bit under her restrictions, She doesn’t like being told how to look or where & when to go out. She wants Iyanla to know it is a big deal that Kim trusts her enough to let her keep her clothes and makeup. Iyanla tells Kim it’s herself she is trusting, because she came to Starting Over and she’s sticking with it. When Iyanla presents you a new idea she likes to have you take in a deep breath and imagine you are taking in the idea along with it. (I think she just likes to get the patient dizzy) She presses Kim to describe specific “acting out” incidents. Kim does not get specific but says that as a teen, she ran away, tried drugs and had sex when she didn’t really want to, just to be rebellious. Her parents would react by asking “After all I have done for you, how could you do this to me?”

Rhonda introduces Sinae to two hotties (trust me Sinae, they are!) who will take her hiking for the day.

Now Iyanla has Kim close her eyes and imagine she is talking to her parents. She tells them she’s not bad and not guilty. Kim wakes up and tells Iyanla her children proved she was good, but now they’re grown. She also says there is no possible way to feel worse than she does right now. Iyanla assures her you can feel awful and not die. She tells Kim we are addicted to our story. We tell it over and over without realizing the damage it causes. Since Kim has a secret fear that someone will find out how bad she is, her assignment will be to tell 25 strangers and just get it over with.

Jennifer drives Kim out to Melrose Place for her assignment and they people-watch along the way, dissing peoples’ clothes.

Rhonda is driving Sinae and the two guys to Runyon Canyon, a park with a paved trail through the woods.

Kim is shot down right away when someone does not want to hear her story. Eventually she finds her groove, and each person who listens is asked to sign, to verify they heard it.

Rhonda narrates that she hopes Sinae will eventually accept blindness. They guys show her the ins & outs of this particular trail and ways to enjoy the hike. They talk about teen stuff. She tells them she had just gotten her first new car 3 weeks before she went blind. They tell her they have both driven blind. They commiserate about dealing with people who think they can see because they get around so well.

Meanwhile Kim is collecting signatures. A couple of them even flirt with her. She narrates that it’s embarrassing to say things to strangers that are supposed to be secret.

(Then we are interrupted so we can look at pictures of Mount Saint Helens venting. I think the network is hoping it will blow on live TV.)

Sinae and the boys are done with their hike. Now she feels that she can still attain her dream of climbing Machu Picchu.

Back at the house, Kim shows Iyanla she got 30 signatures, 5 more than she needed, and a new ring from someone who though she should have jewelry. Iyanla tells her these are strangers who signed because they support her. (Um, yeah but she told them they were signing just to show they’d heard it.)

The women are preparing dinner and Josie is on the phone with Hailey and Lynnell from season one. Lynnell is a member of this forum so maybe she will correct me and add to my description, since she was there and I was not. They ask if she can come out and party and she invites them over instead. During the meal, Chloe is fussy and Jen narrates that it’s rude of Josie to have her stay when she is disrupting the meal. So Jen takes Chloe to bed. Josie narrates that Jennifer has told her she feels Josie is ungrateful and Josie is shocked. Jen is telling Sommer how she feels and Sommer is desperately trying to stay neutral. Lynnell and Hailey arrive.

Sinae is staring into the fridge trying to make room for leftovers. She is telling Jen there are a bunch of cartons with just a few drops in the bottom but last time she threw them away, Josie got mad. Josie walks in as she is saying this.

Jennifer is venting to Jack on the phone about Josie. She wants to leave.

Josie visits with Hailey & Lynnell and Sommer near the pool while the other roommates play cards and do other things. They are so unenthusiastic about the visitors, at one point they even ask them to be quiet.

Jennifer narrates that Josie can’t take constructive criticism without overreacting and it makes her feel walked on.

Later in the kitchen, Josie is now punishing the entire household for Jen’s transgression. She declares that nobody in the house will be watching Chloe ever again. She tells Sinae that if they are going to fight, they should do it “away from my daughter” and Sinae points out that Josie is the only one fighting.


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