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Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 8 – We’re Gonna Go With Speckles

After getting U-Turned, Geritol had to go and do the bunny steeplechase. Boy, that was a bizarre sentence. Their first bunny – Hopper – had some problems.. Leading Bill to utter the article’s title – “We’re gonna go with Speckles.” Speckles rocked. He is like the Secretariat of bunny steeplechase. In fact, Magellan also took Speckles when they had to complete the U-Turn and he again hopped through it like a champ. Speckles probably deserves a slot in the Race Hall of Fame. At least up there with Kevin and Drew’s camels from Season 1.

And in the end we got yet another twist. Magellan had completed the U-Turn and was heading to the Mat while Jeremy 2.0 lagged behind. They were recovering from many bad moves, including driving in the wrong direction en route to the Detour. Sandy said she knew where she was going. She didn’t. Upon realization, it led to an amazingly hysterical exchange between the two of them. Jeremy immediately knee-jerked that “if you had told me that, I’d have known that.” This is rather profound if you think about it.

Later he mumbled under his breath – or so he thought – that “I can’t believe we missed that.” Sandy heard it and asked rather loudly, “What?!?” He said, “Huh?” “What?” “Huh?” And we are into an Abbott and Costello bit. That first “what” was a shot fired. And not this kind of shot fired from the uttering of the word what (NSFW). That was Sandy ready to pick a fight with him for blaming her again and Jeremy realizing the hell storm he was about to unleash. We’ve ALL been there, Jeremy. Nice. Save.

However, little did they know that Magellan got lost and got eliminated as a result. Not a great outcome for them, but at least it was better than the actual Magellan who was killed by natives in the Philippines during his famous journey. All they get is the Charla and Mirna Sixth Place Finish Award.

Route Markers
• Hey Ernie – first place wasn’t “stolen” from you. Next time, find the next clue more efficiently and you won’t lose first place.
• How can Zac not pronounce Copenhagen correctly? Really? That’s a Race softball coming your way.
• How funny was Magellan trying to act cool and sly by not giving Control Freak flight info? I can’t imagine the CIA looking up these guys to do espionage any day now.
• Note to Tommy – Her name is Amani, not Armani. She isn’t a suit.
• At the Roadblock, I wonder if that was actually a Renaissance dance. Because that little shuffle at the end was kind of silly. And, boy, I felt badly for Zac because I am not sure I would have done any better than that. Although, of course, Laurence would, because he would do everything better. Except navigate the streets of Copenhagen.
• I am uncertain if there is a worse white man rap (NSFW). than what we got from Laurence on the sidelines of the Roadblock.
• Loved the Bill-Cindy exchange about their courtships. Bill was 13, and Cathi was 12 and they’ve been married for centuries. Ernie and Cindy met in a bar. Over shots. Awesome. And both equally valid, even if one is a bit more of a CBS Saturday Night movie and the other is the Meet Cute of a Kate Hudson movie.
• I liked the hidden clues in the post box – very old school Race from S1 when there weren’t clue boxes.
• How hysterical was Phil doing the bunny challenge? The man and his eyebrow were downright giddy.
• Cindy – “Uh oh, something’s dirty in it.” And, “I don’t know if you want to eat my sweaty ass butter.” Amazingly, Urban Dictionary has no “sweaty ass butter” reference, but there is squirrel butter, apple butter and duck butter. I will not say anything else.
• Dudes had a butter fight. Nothing on Urban Dictionary about that either. But it did have a funny moment as Andy tried to stylishly open the clue but it went flying from his hands due to all of the butter.
• Marcus did some amazing sports-like reactions while rooting for the bunny to finish the steeplechase. Right down to a pep talk with the bunny. Awesome.
• I was totally surprised by the editing at the end of the show; I have watched the show long enough to know that the traffic problems Magellans faced were a ruse. But no, for once it is true. They lose.
• Jeremy – “We choose to U-Turn no one. Because everyone’s been U-Turned and we’re in last place.” Other than that…you’re golden.
• And…Speckle Cam. Bring it back in the future, Show.

Roadblock – Learn a three-part Renaissance dance and wear goofy costumes – Ernie, Zac, Cathi, Andy, Sandy and Amani. And nice font, guys.

DetourAll Hopped Up – lead a rabbit through a tiny steeplechase course, or All Churned Out – Make six sticks of the “best butter in the world.” All of them went with the butter at first except the Peytons. Magellan and Geritol did both tasks.

Order of Finish – Control Freak, Geritol, Dudes, Peytons, Jeremy 2.0, Magellans (ELIMINATED)

Next week ACTING! Plus spinning, puking and posing.

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