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Dead Man Walking – Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 3

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off the show in the Yasur camp. Eliza is talking about the vote, saying how Dolly was totally blindsided and that Mia, Julie, and Lisa will probably be upset with her. No duh there, genius. Mia, on the other hand, says that the group of three doesn’t trust Eliza anymore, because they thought she was strong with them.

We then go to Lopevi, who are working on the shelter. Sarge notices that Rory is gone. Rory is out hiking, and hey! He finds fruit. He comes back and he and Lea get into a little spat about work ethic and what-not. Lea says that Rory doesn’t do a lot of physical work and he needs to be about the team. Rory says he’s a grown-ass man and doesn’t take orders, and that Sarge has to dictate when people take a crap. JP sees a way to capitalize on this idea, Rory is very opinionated, and maybe he can talk to Sarge and get them to put JP in the alliance of five instead of Rory.

We then cut back to Yasur, and Twila is sharpening a machete (I have flashbacks to Matthew at this point). Mia and the young’ns talk about going fruit hunting, and then Mia loudly says something about how this’ll prove to certain people that the young crowd does work. Twila tries to say something and Mia starts yelling at Twila. Twila says that she didn’t say that the young people didn’t do work, just that some did more than others. Mia says if you weren’t here we’d still have shelter, fire, and food. Twila says “well you go into the ocean five minutes after you start working” and adds “bitch” to the end of it. Mia gets hopping mad, and starts ranting and raving about Twila being a martyr or something or other. Twila ends the sequence with a statement about how Mia’s mad because she knows that she’s right, and that she shouldn’t go swimming all the time. She’s not going to sit and argue with Mia, she’s not going to take anyone’s crap, and that she isn’t here to make friends. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Go Twila! (P.S. Did you notice that the girls never went hunting for fruit?)

On a random note, I’d just like to point out at this point when the commercials started, I looked at my clock. 15 minutes had past. No twists. So much for that “more twists in the first 15 minutes than in another Survivor season” tagline.

Back to Yasur, and Eliza and Julie are talking, and she says that she’s definitely with the young group, just that she didn’t trust Dolly. She’s with them 100%. Mia and Lisa show up and there’s more Eliza confirming she’s in. Lisa says she doesn’t trust Eliza fully, but she has a back-up plan if Eliza seems iffy. They get the treemail and find out that it’s for immunity. Leann says that they just went to TC and the TC sucked, and they hope they don’t have to go two nights in a row.

They arrive at the challenge, the men wonder who’s missing, and when it’s pointed out that it’s Dolly, the men look a bit surprised and Sarge says “Wow, barbie’s gone.” Jeff Probst then drops the bombshell, both tribes will be going to TC regardless. It becomes tribe vs. tribe for reward. Then whichever tribe wins reward, competes individually for individual immunity. The reward challenge is the tribes have to get through three gates. The first they have to untie ropes, the second involves grappling hooks, keys, and locks, and the third involves rearranging poles to open up a hole. The reward is a fishing kit.

The challenge is on! And Yasur groups together and fights over the ropes, while Lopevi spreads out and works better together and faster. They get through first and then start working the hook. The women finish soon after and get started too. Bubba messes up grabbing a key, but JP is rocking on the other one. He gets the first one, and a Leann-Twila combo gets the women their first one. JP kicks butt and grabs another one, but then loses the hook, and the Leann-Twila combo gets their second key, and we’re tied up again. At this point, I’d like to point something out. A lot of people I know were complaining about how Scout sucks in challenges and how she screwed up the women throwing the grappling hook. Don’t blame Scout though. Why didn’t any of the younger women throw it instead? ….Huh? My point exactly. Anyway, so the men finish the hooks first, and then fly through the pole changing and they fly through with Sarge barking orders, and the men win the reward.

For the immunity challenge, the men have to dig through the sand to find seven ladder pieces, assemble the ladder, and climb up to win immunity. They go at it, and it’s fun times for all. Chad and JK are the leaders though, and Bubba and Rory are being kinda doofy in their searching. Chad and John K get finished first, and it’s a race between the two, JP finishes finding his pieces soon after those two get started on their assembling, but it’s too late. John K finishes first and wins immunity. However, there’s another twist. JK gets to go to Yasur and spend time with the ladies. (One man, eight women,alone on a beach with cameras…..this sounds like a film I watched once….er, I mean…anyway.) He gets to hang out with them and find out what’s going on because after the men’s TC..bum bum BUM he gets to give a woman immunity. Sah-weet.

So John K can’t get voted out as he says, and he gets to spend time with the women. He immediately gets the women to divide up into who voted for Dolly and who didn’t. Mia says that it was stupid of him to do and the women didn’t understand it. Eliza, in her group, tries to make it very clear to JK that the Dolly-voters aren’t in a five-person alliance. Mia, Julie, and Lisa are chatting and watching JK interact with the Dolly-voters, and Mia quips that Eliza probably won’t let anyone else talk. And she’s right. JK says that Eliza wouldn’t stop talking, that I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, but oh my GOD stop talking. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to Eliza at the reunion. Anyone want to bet that she talks for half of the air time? He then talks with Mia, Julie, and Lisa, and they tell him to not give it to Eliza or Twila. Eliza then comes over and…guess what? Starts talking some more. JK says that he wants to have the women on his side, and the women aren’t a happy tribe and there’s a lot of conflict. Mia says she’s expecting a tie at TC, but who knows who JK will give immunity to.

JP says that Lopevi won the reward, which is good. But he needed immunity, so it’s bad that he doesn’t have it. He likes to call himself “Dead Man Walking.” The youngest and strongest guys are outnumbered, so he tries to get Sarge to vote for Rory. Brady gives a pitch to Sarge too, and Sarge is thinking about it. He goes to Chris and says he’s uncomfortable with Rory in the alliance. Chris tells him this isn’t the time to deal with conflict. Sarge says in a confessional that he hates TC because he’s developed a fine-tuned team and then he has to tear them down.

I’d just like to note…both tribes are expecting/trying for a tie at TC. This is the first time I’ve seen since Marquesas that people were okay with a tie vote.

At TC, Chad says there’s camaraderie and that they have a lot of confidence now from winning challenges. Brady says that his impression of Sarge has changed…he’s a loud guy, but he’s a more personal person than people give him credit for. JK talks about how he divided the women and found out alliances, and the men cheer him on. JP wants the strongest possible group in terms of skill sets, how they mesh, and personality. Sarge says that he has friendships but he’s playing the game, and his vote is a casualty of war. We then are treated to votes. Chris votes for JP, saying “You’re stronger than me physically but I’m stronger than you mentally.” Brady votes for Rory. “Nothing personal, just being consistent.” I find that amusing. Brady’s pretty cool. JP votes for Royry. “Weakest guy on the tribe.” Chad votes for JP, and says something about strategy. The votes are read, and in a five to three vote, JP goes bye-bye.

JP’s Final Words: Survived seven days, he hoped to stay longer, he wasn’t outwitted outlasted or outplayed, and it was a great experience.

Then it’s the women’s TC. JK gives his immunity to Ami, saying that she was safe anyway and that the women need to find out who they want to vote out without his help. Ami’s surprised, she thought he was going to try and save someone. Then the women rehash Mia and Twila’s fight. Mia says it’s about the comments Twila made at the last TC. Twila says that Mia was offended but she isn’t sure why, and Julie pipes up and says it goes deeper than the comment, Twila hasn’t built a bridge to the younger people. Twila makes a great comment, saying why would I approach people that roll their eyes every time I come near them. Mia calls out Twila saying every time they talk she gives one-word answers, and Twila says that’s just how she talks. She is a tomboy and communicates better with men than women. Ami then says maybe Twila should try girly stuff, like French braids or getting her nails done. Twila smiles and says maybe she doesn’t have a feminine side, but she’ll try that anyway. We then go to Scout, who talks about how they need to keep a happy tribe and a healthy attitude in camp. Mia rolls her eyes, and Probst makes a comment about how she’s like a doggy in the window, and Mia comments about how Scout’s comments are directed towards her. Probst asks Eliza how she’s going to vote, and Eliza gives a very non-commital-dodging-the-question answer.

They then vote. Mia votes for Twila. “You can’t relate to women, but you’re on an all-woman tribe.” Scout votes for Mia. “Your volcano erupts more than I like. Good luck finding a husband that will put up with you.” I laughed out loud at Scout here, what a great comment. Twila votes for Mea, saying she has a big chip on her shoulder and she has a mouth and a half. Eliza votes for Twila. The votes are read, Mia rocks back and forth and rolls her eyes every time her name comes up, and in a shocking 5-3 vote, bye bye Mia. Eliza looks as shocked as Mia, Julie, and Lisa did when she pulled the same thing last round.

Mia’s Final Words: She met a lot of amazing girls, and some she doesn’t want to see again, like Twila, and she says a lot of bad stuff about Twila.

Next Episode: On Lopevi, Brady tries to fish to prove his worth. And on Yasur, Eliza is a hypocrite and fights with Lisa about the same thing she expected Lisa to just accept her doing at the last TC they went to.

My note: A lot of people that I have talked to are complaining about the younger people being voted out and that their eye candy is gone. They claim “this season is shaping up to be Thailand again.” Personally, I find this season to be great so far. Yeah, so for once the eye candy is going quickly. It’s one season in 9. Deal with it people. The older ones are better at the game this time. And frankly, I think they’re more interesting. I’ll take Scout and Twila over Mia and Motormouth any day. Anyway, my e-mail is atarus33@yahoo.com, feel free to send me hate-mail about the fact that I’m enjoying the people in the dominant alliances this season.


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