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Fear Factor Makes Its Return December 12

We’re about to get grossed out and scared all over again and even more than ever before! Fear Factor is coming back to the NBC airwaves next month.

I don’t know about anyone else, but Fear Factor changed the way I thought about some things. I haven’t been able to eat eggs without thinking about it. Sure, I still eat eggs, but every time, all I can think about is the eggs that were eaten that weren’t the standard egg yolk and white variety. The little birds inside were partially formed, to the point you could hear the beaks crunching.

I have to stop talking about that; it’s that gross. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from watching Fear Factor. It just had me watching through my fingers. Of course, it was on during our dinnertime, but my husband refused to watch it during dinner, and he’s not easily grossed out.

It makes you wonder what’s in store when the series makes its return on December 12 with Joe Rogan is back as host. Here’s a quick sneak preview.