Season Premiere of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys on Twitter

This is social networking at its finest. Sundance Channel announced today they will be premiering season two of their series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys on Twitter. It’s a first for Twitter.

The first season of the show found a very passionate following on social media, leading to the cable channel’s decision to use that success to help promote season two. Some fans may prefer to watch the premiere on the Sundance Channel Friday, November 18 at 9 PM ET/PT, but if they just can’t wait, they can tweet @SundanceChannel with #GWLBWLB, which will stream the video via TwitVid.

The premiere episode of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys will also be available on Facebook, Hulu, and, with the entire first season being available on Netflix beginning November 15. This will allow users to chat with one another while watching the show, and take polls and quizzes.

The series explores that unique relationship between women and their gay best friends. The subjects of this season include a #1 hit songwriter, a former child star, a standup comedian, a souther socialite, and a school psychologist. The fit every walk of life, yet also fit within this narrow social dynamic. This women and their gay best friends stick by each other through the best and worst times in their lives, include being recently divorced, getting engaged, acceptance, and finding the balance between strong religious and political beliefs and sexual orientation.

See the following for a taste of what’s coming up on season two.

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