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Interview with Gary Gulman of Last Comic Standing

by panndyra, goddess of chaos

How long have you been doing ‘stand-up’ comedy?
Since the mid 90’s. My first gig was October 8 199?

When did you decide to become a ‘stand-up’? Was it always a dream of yours?

I decided my sophomore year of college but didn’t try it until the fall after my senior year. It was always something I dreamed of.

So, how tall are you, really?

6 ft 6 inches

How does it feel being a comic sex symbol?

It would have been better if it happened in tenth grade. I also don’t see the same guy in the mirror that the tv screen shows.

Here are some “Teen Beat” questions. Gary, what’s your favorite color?
Are you seeing anyone?
I have a girlfriend. She’s the red head they show reactions of during my sets.
Do you like long walks on the beach?
Yes but alone.
What’s your idea of a ‘great date’?
Dinner and a movie and a walk through a Barnes & Noble or Virgin Megastore.

I’m a cookie ho from back in the day. I was just wondering, what kind of cookie is your favorite and why?

I like the double stuff. I dunk two at a time essentially having quadruple stuff. MMMMMMM

Are you scared that you’ll be known forever as the ‘cookie comedian’? Why or why not?

I am not scared of that at all. My cookie to noncookie joke ratio on TV is actually quite low. Most people like it.

Boston has a great tradition of comedy from Lenny Clarke to
Denis Leary and a lot of nuts in between. Did this tradition inspire you to become a comedian yourself? If so, how?

I think I was inspired by people like Don Gavin, Lenny, and Paul D’Angelo and Tony V and Kevin Knox and Brian Kiley to do good comedy. I think the bar is very high for comics in Boston and so mediocre comics don’t work much.

Who are your comedic inspirations? (Besides Todd Glass!)

In addition to the guys from the last question:
Dane Cook
Brian Regan
[Paul] Reiser
David Brenner

Speaking of Todd Glass, what is the deal between you?

He’s like that friend you had growing up who you’d hang out with every day whether you had plans or not because you knew it would be fun.

Right now, you’re touring with Alonzo Bodden and Jay London in the “I’m Still Standing” Tour. What’s that like?

Sleepless. I travel from the LCS set to these gigs all over the country starting on Tuesdays. Then I go right to the set after a 6 am flight every Monday morning. I love it but it’s a lot of travel.

How is all this success changing your life?

In every way imaginable. I’m no funnier than I was last year at this time but I get recognized everywhere I go and people stand in line after shows to take pictures and get my autograph.

Why do you think that Last Comic Standing is so popular right now?

I think there are a lot of laughs coming off that show and I think the producers tell an interesting fun story.

Who’s funnier — Season One or Season Two and why?

Season Two has more established comics and more TV experience.

Why do you want to be the Last Comic Standing?

I hate losing.

Who is your biggest competition? Why?

Heffron, because he’s got an army of 6 year old kids in a sweatshop answering emails! Just kidding of course but he’s very funny and likeable as is Alonzo.

What’s in store for Gary Gulman after the LCS ride is over? Where do you think you’ll end up?

I’ll end up wherever I want to hopefully.

I love your website, by the way. Tell my readers, if you don’t mind, where it’s at and what they can find there?

It’s at http://www.garygulman.com.

You can talk about me and the show or live shows on the message board, send me an email, sign up for my newsletter which will tell you when I’m coming to your area, look at my relentless calendar, and eventually buy my CD entitled “Conversations with Inanimate Objects.”

Thanks, Gary, for humoring this Boston-born gal. If you’re ever in Austin, stop by and we can have cookies and milk together.

Thank you! Good questions.

— There you have it folks. Make sure you watch Gary on Last Comic Standing 3 and visit him at a comedy club near you. Got comments? Email them to me at panndyra@yahoo.com.


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