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The Amazing Race, Nov. 13 – Making “Sweaty-Ass Butter”

Just as predicted, Jeremy and Sandy are going in the wrong direction. He asks if they’re supposed to be going north, and she says yes. He states more obvious thoughts, saying if she would have told him, he would have known that. Marcus knows if he and Amani can finish this without being eliminated, it would be a huge game-winning Hail Mary pass for them.

Laurence ane Zac are working up a new appreciation for butter and start forming their sticks. Amani and Marcus arrive at the Detour, and he asks if that’s a rabbit he sees hopping by, as to him it’s a goat. They choose to do the rabbits and start setting up the course. Jeremy mutters to himself, and Sandy asks him what he’s saying, but he just says nothing. Ah, one of those people who mutters so that you know they’re upset with you, but won’t tell you what they’re saying. I hate that.

Laurence and Zac get their butter passed and take off for the windmill. Amani and Marcus choose a bunny, and Marcus chooses one he thinks has his spirit. Amani leads the bunny through the course first. She does well, and now he has to take a crack at it. Jeremy is still mumbling.

Laurence and Zac find the U-Turn, and the father calls it “bloody ridiculous” to be U-Turned by Bill and Cathi. Marcus gives a pep talk to the bunny, telling him he’s had a frustrating day, but the bunny could really help out with that frustration. He’s as good of a coach as he is a football player, and they finish and take off for the windmill. Laurence and Zac start setting up a course, as Amani and Marcus reach the windmill and take off for the pit stop.

Bill/Cathi and Andy/Tommy arrive at the pit stop at the same time. This foot race should end predictably, but doesn’t. Bill and Cathi are team number two yet again. Andy and Tommy are team number three. They say they’re psyched for Ernie and Cindy to have finally gotten first place. Cathi doesn’t have “quite the kindness in my heart” for the first-place finishers after being U-Turned. Bill compares it to kicking your mother and father to the curb.

Jeremy and Sandy arrive at the Detour, but can’t find the box. Laurence and Zac get their steeplechase course set up and choose their bunny. Jeremy and Sandy find the cluebox and decide to do the butter. It looks like Laurence has chosen Speckles. He thinks he’s on steroids. He does well. Zac finishes with the rabbit as well, and they head for the windmill, then the pit stop.

Don’t go to Sandy’s kitchen. She uses her foot to brace the top of the churn. Amani and Marcus ar named team number four, and although I saw it coming, this is amazing. They were nine-and-a-half hours behind the others.

Jeremy and Sandy are molding their butter, as Laurence and Zac drive to the pit stop. Laurence is afraid he’s driving the wrong way and getting hopelessly lost. Remember his great navigational skills? Yeah. Jeremy and Sandy get their butter sticks passed, as Laurence and Zac are in a traffic jam. They ask someone if they’re going the right way, and she says they’re going in the wrong direction. Laurence decides she’s “bloody useless.”

Jeremy and Sandy choose to U-Turn no one because two teams have already been U-Turned and they’re in last place. They take off for the pit stop. Laurence starts driving on the edge of the road to pass everyone.

The next team to reach Phil’s mat are Jeremy and Sandy. They are team number five. She thinks it gets more and more competitive as they move along, and he thinks if they can focus on just themselves, they’ll do better.

Laurence and Zac land on Phil’s mat and are told they’re the last team to arrive. They’re eliminated, with Laurence calling it a bit of a shame. Zac announces they lost two hours going the wrong way in the traffic jam. However, Laurence found it a great honor to be teamed with his son, and he returns that thought. The next time he races around the world, he wants to go a little slower, and maybe in a yacht. Zac wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to do this with, other than this father.

I do not understand the U-Turn choices. There is still a social game to be played. It may not be as important as it is on Survivor, but it’s still important. You never know when you’re going to need another team’s help. It was extremely shortsighted of Cindy to only worry about getting the win for this leg of the Race. Now she’s really pissed off Bill and Cathi. Had she U-Turned Andy and Tommy, everyone would have understood, since they’re such frontrunners, or Amani and Marcus, just to be sure they stayed in last place. Yet she caused definite hard feelings with Bill and Cathi. It might end up costing them later on.