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The Amazing Race, Nov. 13 – Making “Sweaty-Ass Butter”

Jeremy and Sandy land at the castle and see Andy and Tommy leaving. They want to know if everyone else is gone, and are told Laurence and Zac are still inside. Amani hopes she and Marcus are driving the right way. He finally decides to stop and ask for directions, but does it in the middle of nowhere, trying to flag down a motorist to ask them. He finally gets help from someone who agrees to stop and finds out they have to go back the other way. Being that there is a Double U-Turn ahead isn’t good.

Ernie and Cindy continue to churn and start molding the butter. Cindy finds something dirty in the first one she pounds out, and it seems like she just picks it off and moves on. Bill and Cathi reach the Detour and decide to do the butter, as she thinks he could do the rabbit, yet she couldn’t. How could that be hard? Am I missing something? They join Ernie and Cindy, and Bill asks if they get to eat it. Cindy tells him she’s not sure if he wants to eat her “sweaty-ass butter.” Her butter doesn’t pass, and they have to reform them.

Sandy and Zac are working on the dancing, and Zac tries to pass this thing once again. He finally passes it. Laurence knows it would have taken him awhile to learn the dance, but believes he would have gotten it quicker, as “that’s my forte.” Oh, like when he thought reading a map would be easy and ended up getting them lost?

Cindy’s butter finally passes, and they get a clue telling them to make their way on foot to a windmill. It’s most certainly the Double U-Turn stand. Ernie and Cindy reach the stand, and she decides to U-Turn Bill and Cathi, as “they’re right on our tails.” He’s surprised, but she says they need the win. She knows they’ll hate them, and she feels bad. They get another clue telling them to drive to the Havet Ship, the pit stop for this leg of the Race.

Bill and Cathi’s butter doesn’t pass the muster, and she announces that so far they’ve made at least twenty-four sticks of butter. She does a little dance with her fingers crossed hoping they’ll pass this time. Andy and Tommy reach the Detour and decide to make butter since animals tend to be hard to work with. They see Bill and Cathi leaving, finally having their sticks pass. Her dance must have helped.

Reaching the U-Turn, Bill and Cathi find they have to go back and do the second task, but before they do, they U-Turn Laurence and Zac, knowing they are further behind and that it will give them time to finish. I’m surprised no one is ganging up on Amani and Marcus to put them further behind and knock out a strong team that no one will blame them for.

Bill and Cathi start setting up their steeplechase course and pick out their bunny. Bill completes it, but is told it wasn’t good enough. Amani and Marcus land at the castle finally, and she decides to do the dancing, while he commiserates with Jeremy. The funny thing is neither of them have been U-Turned.

Bill decides to switch rabbits, as his first one got winded. He is switching to “Speckles.” This time it is good enough. Cathi takes him over the course, and she completes it, as Bill tells Speckles he wants to take him home. Seriously, that was no time at all, so I can’t understand why all these teams are choosing to churn butter. They reach the windmill again and get the clue to go to the pit stop. They talk about people being mean. I’m sure they mean Ernie and Cindy, but they just U-Turned a team as well. Turnabout is fair play.

Sandy works on trying to complete her dancing, and Marcus is trying to keep hope alive as Amani learns her dances. Sandy passes the dancing, and she and Jeremy take off for the Detour. She warns they can’t get lost and claims to know where they are. That certainly has an ominous tone to it. Amani passes her dances, and they take off for the Detour as well.

Laurence and Zac land at the Detour and decide to churn the butter. Andy and Tommy are there working on their butter sticks. Ernie is still feeling bad about the U-Turn., and Cindy apologizes for being the mean one. Yeah, the mean one with Sweaty-Ass Butter who drinks shotskies.

Ernie and Cindy land on Phil’s mat at the pit stop and are finally named team number one. They have won a trip for two to Fiji. She jumps up and down, just like when she found out Ernie was going to be dancing. She explains they learned from the last leg when they didn’t U-Turn the boys and lost the lead. With Bill and Cathi right behind them, they knew they had to U-Turn them, although they feel bad about it.

The four guys are making their butter, and Andy and Tommy pass, and have a small butter fight right after. They leave for the windmill. They see the pictures of the others who were U-Turned and are pleased to not find their pictures up. They take off for the pit stop.