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The Amazing Race, Nov. 13 – Making “Sweaty-Ass Butter”

The teams easily find the flag on the rooftop that says Borg. The banner on the other rooftop that says Frederiks is for some reason being folded back up again. Jeremy and Sandy miss it, find a sign identifying different buildings throughout the city, and knowing Borg means castle, he figures they should be looking for the Rosen Berk Castle.

Bill and Cathi think they’re in good shape, feeling they’re about an hour and a half in front of Amani and Marcus. Jeremy and Sandy reach the Rosen Borg Castle, and it ends up being a restaurant that doesn’t open until 10. They figure it can’t be right. Laurence and Zac find Frederiksborg Slot, and he calls it impressive. Indeed. He asks the lovely woman for a clue, with Ernie and Cindy right behind them. The funny thing is that Laurence believes he is at a drive-thru, while Cindy gets out of the car to get the clue.

This clue is a Roadblock. One member of each team will dress in a period costume, then learn a complex three-part dance routine that will test their memory, coordination, and attention to detail. This means there will be some humor ahead. When the countess is satisfied with their routine, they’ll get the next clue. This has Cindy jumping up and down with glee, as Laurence asks Zac if he’s okay doing this. The younger one will make it work, while Ernie is the one taking it for his team.

As he gets dressed, Ernie explains he normally doesn’t wear tights. Zac only says he’s “feelin’ good.” While they get their makeup on, Laurence busies himself admiring the craftsmanship of the castle. Just in case we were puzzled as to the reason Zac is doing this Roadblock, Laurence explains his son used to be the front man in a rock ‘n roll band. Nevertheless, learning how to dance by a weird-looking man in tights is something Zac considers to be not one of his finest moments.

Amani and Marcus’ flight arrives, and they’re not too far behind. Jeremy and Sandy are still driving around trying to figure out where to go. They go back to the Bell Tower to revisit the clue, and who do they see there, but Amani and Marcus. Sandy realizes they just lost their buffer. Amani is thrilled, knowing that means they aren’t too far off from the others either.

Bill and Cathi land at the Roadblock, with Cathi volunteering to dance. Bill asks Laurence if they’re doing line dancing, and is told, “No, rap.” Laurence starts beatboxing to illustrate his point, as Cindy nearly does a spit-take with her water and granola bar. Sure. I’m positive these flutes could knock out some amazing rap music.

Ernie continues to work on the dancing and knows he is one step off. Bill thinks Cathi looks lovely, and in fact she looks like she belongs here, unlike Zac and Ernie. Cindy asks Bill if they met in high school, and he explains they were actually 12 and 13 years old and in middle school. They went together for eight years and got married when they graduated college. Cindy explains she and Ernie just met in a bar over a “shotsky.”

Andy and Tommy arrive at the Roadblock, and Andy is definitely not thrilled to be volunteering. Zac is still practicing his dance, saying he’s danced, but never done choreography. Ernie takes a crack at dancing for the countess and does well enough to pass on all three dances The clue tells them to drive themselves to Filandmuseet and search the grounds to find the next clue. Cindy tells Ernie he did well, but says Cathi is right on his tail. He asks about Zac, who she says has zero dancing skills. Andy enters with a thumbs up to Tommy off to the side.

Jeremy and Sandy have now determined they are looking for Frederiksborg, but do have to ask for directions. They are hoping others made a big mistake like them. Marcus doesn’t want to have to ask for directions. You’re in the wrong race today, Buddy, if you think you can relax in an airport and don’t want to ask for directions.

As Cathi works on passing her dancing routine, Zac is still trying to learn the dance. Laurence is frustrated, but knows his son must be far more frustrated. Tommy is excited to hear Andy getting a “perfect” from his instructor. She asks if he’s tried this before. Bill beams, knowing that Cathi is “nailing it.”

Ernie and Cindy find the spot and the next clue, a Detour – All Hopped Up or All Turned Out. In All Hopped Up, both members of the team will consecutively lead a rabbit through a steeplechase course, but have to lay out the course first. When completed, they get the next clue. In All Churned Out, teams will make the best butter in the world. They will use two churns and make six sticks of butter. Once they finish, they’ll get the next clue.

Ernie and Cindy decide to make butter, which I think would be more difficult that leading bunnies through an obstacle course. They watch others make the butter and try their own hand at it. Obviously bored, Laurence and Tommy busy themselves dancing with each other. Zac and Andy both try to finish the routines. Zac is still trying the first one of three, while Andy finishes all three. He and Tommy take off for the Detour, while Laurence tries to remain optimistic.