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The Amazing Race, Nov. 13 – Making “Sweaty-Ass Butter”

According to the previews, they’re pulling out the Double U-Turn again this week. Apparently last week’s didn’t have enough of an effect, so they need to double up their efforts to get their money’s worth out of the gimmick. I have to admit that’s kind of disappointing. Between all the U-Turns and non-elimination legs, the racers’ heads must be spinning.

The first team to leave Sunbird Livingstonia Beach in Malawi is once again Andy and Tommy at 3:12 PM. I have to say this seems odd and like more than a twelve-hour rest for them, as they definitely didn’t arrive there at 3 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, grab a Ford Focus, and drive to a Bell Tower to get the next clue from the rooftop. The news that there is yet another Double U-Turn ahead seems to worry the snowboarders a little, as they mention after five victories, people aren’t smiling at them as much. They have an 8:20 AM pre-arranged flight, but are trying to beat that.

Ernie and Cindy are the next to leave just one minute later. Seeing that there is another double U-Turn ahead, she comments, “We are so using it.” They feel the snowboarders stole first place away from them, and don’t want to make the same mistake again. Bill and Cathi leave at 3:26 AM, and she explains their excitement, saying it doesn’t get much different than going from Africa to Copenhagen.

Amani and Marcus leave at 3:34 PM, and his plan is to not be satisfied with their comeback that landed them in fourth place last week. She explains they’re kind of like the “Comeback Kids,” and that you can’t get rid of them. Laurence and Zac depart at 3:36 PM, and discuss their unwise decision to U-Turn Amani and Marcus who had already passed them up. Laurence knows they should have put more thought into it, and hopes it doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt. The last team to leave are Jeremy and Sandy at 3:42 PM.

The teams start arriving at the airport, and Laurence is checking on flights to London, realizing it’s a big hub for international traffic, and hoping they could get something sooner into Copenhagen. Cindy discovers what they’re doing and asks what time they’ll get in. Zac explains they don’t know yet. As Ernie and Cindy walk away, she calls it shady. Ernie figures they’ll get to their connection in Amsterdam and see if they can get an earlier flight. All the other teams make that same prearranged flight.

From London, Laurence and Zac make a flight that will get them to Copenhagen at 8:30 PM. Laurence is a little nervous about being away from the pack, but hopes they made the right decision. The other teams land in Amsterdam, and work to find earlier connecting flights into Copenhagen. Bill and Cathi find a flight arriving at 11 PM, and Ernie and Cindy plan to do the same. Andy/Tommy and Jeremy/Sandy try to get on one arriving at 10:35 PM. Marcus and Amani, meanwhile, are confident the others are all staying on the same flight. He asks what’s the rush.

Excuse me, Buddy. You’re in a race! That would be the rush. They plan to just sit back, get something to eat, take a nap, and get ready to rock and roll in the morning. They end up being the only ones to stick with the flight. Ernie/Cindy and Bill/Cathi believe they are the only other ones with an evening flight, not knowing the snowboarders and Jeremy/Sandy are due to arrive twenty-five minutes before them.

Laurence and Zac arrive in Copenhagen and realize they’re the first ones. They hop into their Ford Focus and take off. Amani and Marcus are camped out in the airport in Malawi and are still thinking they’ll see a lot of the other teams during the night. They still just want to unwind. Umm, if you don’t see other teams on this race, you should be very, very worried.

Helping the others, but not Amani and Marcus, is that Laurence and Zac arrive at the Bell Tower and find it closed until 7:30 AM, and hour before Amani and Marcus’ flight is due to take off. Even though a sign is posted about the hours, Zac still tries the door, and says, “It appears to be really closed.” Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Andy/Tommy and Jeremy/Sandy arrive in Copenhagen at the scheduled time of 10:35 PM. Tommy jumps behind the wheel of the Focus and asks how to drive a manual transmission. He wants to know what R means. Andy suggests it means “Real Fast.” Ernie/Cindy and Bill/Cathi arrive at 11:00 PM, and Amani and Marcus are fast asleep in Malawi still. These four teams find the Bell Tower and prepare to wait it out until the morning.

As Amani and Marcus wait to board their flight, they start to get a little worried when they don’t see any of the other teams. They’re all a continent away. Marcus fears that they’re out of the race, knowing the others must have all left last night.

The other teams race up over four-hundred steps to the top of the Bell Tower. They’re looking for two clues – a flag on top of the building they climbed, and a banner on top of a separate rooftop below. These clues will lead them to their next destination, the Fredriksborg Slot. I have to hand it to Laurence for being only younger than Bill and Cathi, yet being the first up the 400+ stairs. Then, of course, I looked up his age and found he was only one year older than me. Suddenly feeling like a good sharp cheddar … aged.