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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – David Tutera Back Planning Weddings

Whether simple or extravagant, everyone wants to have the wedding of their dreams. David Tutera always makes it happen. He’s back tonight in the season five premiere of My Fair Wedding. His talents are so sought after, he even helped Shannen Doherty with hers, filmed of course for reality TV. Tonight, though, he helps a son give his mom the wedding of her dream. Catch up on your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. NFL Football. Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys. 12:00 PM CT CBS

2. NFL Football. New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons. 12:00 PM CT Fox

3. Figure Skating. 2011 ISU Grand Prix: NHK Trophy from Sapporo, Japan. 1:00 PM CT NBC

4. NASCAR Racing: Sprint Cup. Kobalt Tools 500 from Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale, AZ. 2:00 PM CT ESPN

5. NFL Football. Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears. 3:00 PM CT Fox

6. 60 Minutes.American lawmakers buying stock with help of nonpublic info, law enforcement’s overuse of stun guns, and Freeman Hrabowski, responsible for the glut of scientists and engineers coming out of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. 6:00 PM CT CBS

7. America’s Funniest Home Videos.Featured clips include a child who fears his own reflection while wearing a costume. For some reason, this is a Halloween-related episode. A little late, ABC. 6:00 PM CT ABC

8. The Amazing Race. In Copenhagen, the contestants run into bunnies, butter, and dancing, and another double U-Turn shows up in this episode. 7:00 PM CT CBS

9. Once Upon a Time. Emma helps a pregnant woman escape Mr. Gold, and Cinderella and Rumplestiltskin make a deal. 7:00 PM CT ABC

10. The Simpsons. After creating their own food blog, the Simpsons get a reservation at a popular eatery, and Marge sends HOme to a cooking lad that gets him in trouble with the law. 7:00 PM CT Fox

11. Cancel Christmas. Brat Pack legend Judd Nelson stars as Santa Claus, who is flabbergasted to learn while attending the annual Christmas Board of Directors meeting — yes, they have one — that he’s facing an ultimatum: make Christmas less about materialism and greed or face the cancellation of the holiday forever. He takes on the role of a janitor at a private school and encourages the rich, spoiled students to give to those less fortunate, transforming the season back into one of joy, goodness and sharing. 7:00 PM CT Hallmark Channel

12. When Vacations Attack. A romantic getaway in Arizona is ruined by a rattlesnake, a swimming hole leads to a bad fall, and a family vacation is iinterrupted by locusts. 7:00 PM CT Travel Channel

13. Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind. A look inside Annie Liebovitz’s mind. 7:00 PM CT OWN

14. Glam Fairy. Alexa assists a woman in creating the look for a pole dancing exercise video, but quickly clashes with the director of the video. Briella, who is helping to consult, becomes distracted from her job because she wants to actually be in the video dancing on the pole. After bringing in her first client for The Glam Factory, Jessica soon suffers a major miscommunication with the beauty queen contestant and turns to former pageant contestant Sharie for help. 7:00 PM CT Style Network

15. Tough Love. The Wards are effective because of their business style and brutal honesty. 7:00 PM CT VH1

16. NFL Football. New England Patriots at New York Jets. 7:15 PM CT NBC

17. Allen Gregory. Richard helps with the plans for his boy’s first school dance, and it gets tense when a popular boy invites Patrick, but not Allen Gregory. Jeremy gets a DJ get at a roller rink. 7:30 PM CT Fox

18. The Good Wife. Alicia needs to get a stay of execution for a guilty man to keep her client from being convicted of murder, and Eli tries to stay on top of his client’s possible scandal. 8:00 PM CT CBS

19. Desperate Housewives. Detective Vance’s suspicions grow as he harasses Bree, Susan declines her art teacher’s generous offer, Gaby helps out when Carlos’ drink affects his work, and Lynette tries to save her marriage. 8:00 PM CT ABC

20. Family Guy. In order to change history, Brian and Stewie travel back in time to the series premiere. 8:00 PM CT Fox

21. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe takes a break from Atlanta, and Kroy and Sweetie get together to plan an intimate surprise party. 8:00 PM CT Bravo

22. Sister Wives.The Browns are invited by a religious professor to speak to his students. 8:00 PM CT TLC

23. My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. Season Premiere. When bride Wendy’s teenage son, Ryan, received a life-threatening cancer diagnosis, she and her fiancé put their wedding plans on hold to tend to his medical needs. Now, Ryan generously wants to pay his good fortune forward. Ryan asks the Make-A-Wish Foundation® to bring David Tutera to Topeka, Kansas, for a very special “giveback” wish: to give his mom the long-awaited wedding of her dreams. As David steps in with the surprise, he has just six days to transform this wedding into a spectacular event that truly encompasses hope, generosity and life. 8:00 PM CT WE TV

24. Wicked Fit.Wellesley’s annual summer softball league begins its season, and Katie finds her gym playing her archrival and former employers. Several years ago, they fired Katie for stealing clients who Katie had brought to the gym. With a score to settle, Katie is determined for Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club to leave the field winners and to prove that her gym is the best. Meanwhile, tensions continue to escalate at the gym between Monique and Monica. 8:00 PM CT Style Network

25. Brothers on Call. Licensed contractors and hosts Jon and Terry Wittmaack are challenged to renovate two bedrooms with a horse and gymnast theme for young girls. They also receive a call that their High School football coach needs a new window. 8:00 PM CT DIY

26. Why Am I Still Single? A momma’s boy is tired of the aggressiveness of a model. 8:00 PM CT DIY

27. The Walking Dead. Hershel adamantly disagrees with the group’s plan. 8:00 PM CT AMC

28. Boardwalk Empire. In the wake of a personal loss, Nucky solicits advice on his political situation from Arnold Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg), while Eli (Shea Whigham) remains suspicious of his brother’s actions. Nucky finds himself in the unfamiliar position of showing gratitude toward a federal agent; Angela (Aleksa Palladino) meets a new friend at the beach, and eavesdrops on her husband’s treachery; Nelson gets a nanny; Nucky approaches Owen with an overseas proposition; Jimmy flexes his muscles, at Mickey Doyle’s (Paul Sparks) expense. 8:00 PM CT HBO

29. Dexter. Our Dark Defender takes a road trip to pay a visit to someone from his past, stopping for a bit of fun on the way. 8:00 PM CT Showtime

30. American Dad. Stan convinces his friend to get married just because he wants to be a best man, and Roger’s self-confidence is shook after meeting Ricky Martin. 8:30 PM CT Fox

31. CSI: Miami. Horatio suspects his nemesis when another corpse without eyes is found. 9:00 PM CT CBS

32. Pan Am. Aboard a flight to Caracas, the stewardesses are charmed by a wealthy passenger, and the only hope of saving a passenger having a heart attack is landing in Haiti. 9:00 PM CT ABC

33. Kendra. Kendra meets a DJ who compares her to Mrs. Brady while on her book tour. 9:00 PM CT E!

34. All-American Muslim. After deciding to marry his Muslim girlfriend, Jeff is faced with a dilemma. 9:00 PM CT TLC

35. Our America with Lisa Ling. Identical twins and what makes a person individual. 9:00 PM CT OWN

36. IRT Deadliest Roads. Lisa gives up the reins to G.W. Boles, and Hugh Rowland and the rookies have a road race. 9:00 PM CT HISTORY

37. I Do Over.
The Santinis do it all again eighteen years later. 9:00 PM CT WE

38. Million Dollar Contractor. Licensed contractor Stephen Fanuka is hired to do a small bathroom renovation for a client’s Upper East Side pied-à-terre. But when the team discovers the apartment plumbing isn’t up to code, the size of the project increases dramatically. Murphy’s Law is in full effect as this small job becomes a big headache. 9:00 PM CT DIY

39. Hell on Wheels. Settling up for his actions, Cullen fights for his life. Lily doesn’t do well in the wilderness, and Durant tries to turn tragedy into political gain. 9:00 PM CT AMC

40. Hung. After spending the night with Kyla, Ray finds out she may not be the woman he thinks she is. Jason’s (Stephen Amell) introduction to the Wellness Center brings out Ray’s competitive side. Charlie (Lennie James) helps Tanya confront Sandee and Jason about Ray’s missing money. 9:00 PM CT HBO

41. Homeland. Carrie and Brody get mighty close, and things get mighty complicated. Like plot-changing, OMG-play-that-again complicated. 9:00 PM CT Showtime

42. Dirty Soap. The group goes camping, and Nadia and Fary surprise each other over dinner. 9:30 PM CT E!

43. How to Make It in America. Ben and Cam debate the future, Rene searches for the origin of the tincture, and Rachel experiences a setback. 9:30 PM CT HBO