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The Swap – Wife Swap, Episode 2

The premier episode of ABC’s new reality show “Wife Swap” started with a bang as pampered millionairess, Jodi, was forced to change lives with underappreciated and overworked “hillbilly”, Lynn.

The show started with Jodi explaining her regular daily routine. Going to the gym, then the next gym, shopping, and having “me time” consumed most of the hours of her day, leaving only an hour every day to be with her children. In a confessional with her husband she explains that her “me time” is important in keeping her grounded as a person, and although she wishes she could spend more time with her children, the four live-in nannies that they have hired tend to do the job for her. Later, she reveals that she spends, on average, about $4,000 a week on clothes. As we say in my neighborhood, ‘dis bitch got some money!

We next meet Lynn, a New Jersey native who spends her entire day giving for others. Her day starts around six in the morning when she starts chopping wood for a few hours (it is at this point that we are introduced to her three legged dog, and you just KNOW that the fourth leg is missing because of her fancy schmancy wood-cutting machine), she then makes her way into the house where she fixes breakfast for her two daughters and husband, Brad, then makes her way to her second job of driving a schoolbus. Brad informs us that Lynn has never missed a day of work, well…let me correct that, she missed HALF a day of work, but that’s only because she accidentally chopped half her finger off, and she would’ve gone on more if she could’ve, but the stupid doctors and everybody wanted to make a big hooplah over it all and send her to the hospital (Stupid doctors — how were the kids going to get to school? Her finger would still be missing in a couple of hours after dropping the kids off — those kids are ALWAYS going to have those tardy marks on their record sheets!). The rest of her day is consumed by cleaning the house for a few hours, maing dinner for her family and then finishing the night off with “family time” (*AchooCRAPachoo*).

Well, both women swap, and as expected the switch is anything but plesant for all parties involved. Jodi has a hard time filling Lynn’s worker boots while Lynn has a hard time filling Jodi’s Gucci boots. Both new couples get into huge arguments, Jodi and Brad about Jodi’s work ethic (which later gets turned around into Brad being a lazy dumbass), and Lynn and Mr. Jodi about Mr. Jodi’s not wanting to spend enough time with his family. By the time it’s ready for both wives to go back to their regular lives they are both somewhat relieved and saddened. Jodi and Brad end up solving their problems and forming a friendship…Lynn and Mr. Jodi…well, let’s just say that’s another story.

At the dramatic meeting where both wives come face to face they admit that they’ve learned a lot about themsleves in the two weeks they were away. Jodi reveals that she doesn’t think she spends enough time with her kids (Duh!), while Lynn admits she could never live the life that Jodi has become used to. They hug, shake hands, and walk back to their former lives.


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