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Scare Tactics November 7 – Mad Scientist and Cryogenics

On tonight’s episode of Scare Tactics, Kitty is setting up her friend Abriella to assist a scientist cryogenically freeze stuff. Abriella comes into a lab that looks like something out of SAW.  The lab instructor advises that he realizes it is not very fancy, but it works. Yeah sure! Abriella is left with a new scientist, and she has a seat after he asks her if she can “push buttons.” Why can’t my job interview consist of this?

Abriella sits down and begins pushing buttons and announces from ten percent of cryogenically freezing someone she moves the machine up to ninety percent. The two lab geeks have a long conversation in the freezing room, and the angry scientist announces that the “specimen is in place.” Abriella begins to freak out after she realizes that her instructor is the one in the room and now she is also locked in the room. She begins screaming because the mad scientist went a little crazy and to tell him to stop. Of course, she finds out this if for Scare Tactics. So Abriella, you will not become a freeze-pop.

Bradley is up next. His friend Tara loves him so much, and he has been scared before, so she felt he was a great victim to have on the show. Bradley enters a make-shift construction site that was prevoiusly an animal-testing facility that was shut down. The lights begin to go off, and the construction worker who cannot even open the door advises Bradley that he will be right back. Did he not watch Scream? That is one of the main rules. You never say, “I’ll be right back,” because you won’t be.

The construction worker tells Bradley to just tell him when the lights are. Bradley is joined by an assistant and the construction worker tells Bradley that he does not need to hear his ghost stories. He just wants to know when the lights are back on.

The construction worker calls Bradley and the female assistant downstairs where they find what looks like giant eggs. The lights go insane, everyone is screaming, and the female asks if Bradley is scared, Bradley screams “Yes!” She tells him he should be, because he is on Scare Tactics. Bradley’s response is “OMG, you guys are ridiculous!”

Odain is being set up by his uncle Ansert. He will be working on a farm because, according to Ansert, he had never seen dirt before. Two make-shift pretend farmers have Odain working with a very unique type of soil. What is the secret ingredient in the soil? Well no one knows yet.

The lead farmer takes off, and Odain and his female assistant begin working. She finds what looks like a vest. The assistant suggests it may be the guy who was working the night before Odain got the job. Okay, now I prefer the crygenicaaly frozen job not “Motel Hell.”

The farmer hands Odain a tomato and tells him to taste it. The farmer leaves again carrying the pieces of vest. Odain and his assistant hear someone saying “help me” and begin digging him up.

The farmer looks a little angry and tells them to peel the cover back, revealing a fake dead body lying there with tomatoes growing out of it. The farmer inches towards him carrying what looks like a hedge trimmer. Oh please, Jason Voorhees would be so upset right now.

The farmer asks Odain how scared he is while holding the hedge trimmers. Odain’s response is simple, “WOW, why?” He was planning on running! At least he is smart. Run from the homicidal maniacs carrying hedge trimmers.

They have saved the best for last. Kruti got a job at a video store that transfers into any format you like, and this is all thanks to her friend Azhar. He has waited all his life to do this to his friend. What a nice guy. Kruti is about to get a customer who can change from a scientist to a monster. The manager tells Kruti she is a godsend.

A customer comes in and asks for twenty copies that she needs right away. A new customer comes in dressed like a scientist, and he looks a little scary. He wants the tape back, because it is his tape and his assistant was not supposed to have it. The customer threatens that when he comes back, they will be sorry.

They head in the back to watch the tape. The assisatant is the one on the video with the scientist. The video manager explains he is going to call the cops. The assistant comes in and explains that they do not know who they are dealing with, and the video manager heads out to the front of the store.

The assistant tries to calm down the scientist, who turns into what looks like a werewolf mixed with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Kruti freaks out trying to get the tape out for the doctor and panics as the assistant tells her to get the tape because when she gets the tape, they are all going to be on Scare Tactics.

Kruti admits to being a little freaked out, but then just feels silly. According to Tracy Morgan, there is one more thing that can turn you into a monster, and that is Tequila. So try and avoid it, or you may wind up on Scare Tactics

Don’t miss next week’s episode on the Syfy channel, Monday at 9/8c. Happy Hauntings everyone and remember, be afraid, be very afraid.



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