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Ghost Show Returns

by Pantohorse

I’m Famous And Frightened returns to British television this weekend (Saturday 2nd of October) for a three night run on UK Living.

Eight Z-list celebs will be herded together in a Dover castle to be challenged with a variety of ghost hunting challenges (most of which will involve an ex-glamour model being locked in a darkened room by herself).

Broadcast live, the show will be presented by Keith Chegwin (A man both remembered for being a childrens’ show presenter during the eighties and daring to go naked on a show on Britain’s Channel 5) and the British public will be able to vote out their least favourite celeb (Big Brother style).

Our Infamous Eight will be :-

Nancy Sorrell (Former model and face of Anne Summers)
Colin Jackson (British Athlete)
Faith Brown (Female impressionist)
Ricardo Ribiero (Hairdresser and reality tv favourite from the “Salon”)
Richard Blackwood (All ’round entertainer and Will Smith wannabe)
Roy Walker (Irish comedian and quiz show host)
Jo Guest (former topless model)
Tamara Beckworth (“It” girl and writer)

For more information on I’m Famous and Frightened, visit Living TV.


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