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Q and A With The Benefactor, Mark Cuban

by aurora

Mark Cuban is a busy guy. A very busy guy. So we were very excited to have the opportunity to ask him a few quick questions about his wonderful new show on ABC, ‘The Benefactor’.

Hi Mark! How did the idea for The Benefactor come up? Were you approached or did you think of it yourself?

They came to me. I thought it would be fun.

Do you get tired of the comparisons to Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’? The two shows are clearly very different.

Yes – we are nothing alike and either are the shows.

Whose money are the Benefactor contestants spending on their tasks?

ABC’s, but all I get paid goes to www.fallenpatriotfund.org.

You continually ask the contestants to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Do you think the ability to accomplish that is essential to becoming successful? Why?

Yes. 99 percent of us take the path of least resistance. Taking the hard
route is what seperates you and creates opportunities.

You seem to put a lot of yourself into each show, from your stories about your own life and success to the very human reactions to having to let people go. Did you intend to make the show as personal as it is, or were you surprised at how involved you got with it?

Just turned out that way. I’m as much a participant as the contestants.

If the average viewer walks away from The Benefactor with one solid pice of valuable information, or one lesson learned, what do you hope that would be?

Anyone has it in them to be successful at anything they choose. They
just have to go for it.

Out of all the contestants on your show, which ones do you think will become successful in the future, regardless of how they performed on The Benefactor?

You have to watch to find out!

Would you consider doing The Benefactor 2? Are there any plans in the works for such a sequel?

Yes, and yes.

What’s next for you now? Will you start taking more time for yourself to enjoy things as a result of being taken to the arcade and the race track?

Spending lots of time with family and going to Mavs games!

Thanks for speaking with us today Mark!

Check out The Benefactor on ABC Monday nights!

You can also check out Mark Cuban’s blog at www.blogmaverick.com.

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