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Brandy … She's a Fine Girl – The Bachelor 6, Episode 2

by LauraBelle

On this second night of watching The Bachelor 6, I am still finding it hard to differentiate between the fifteen women in the house. There are a few I know, the exotic Leina, the “assertive” Krysta, the neurotic Andrea, the redhead Wende, but that’s about it. I am left wondering if Byron needs to have cheat sheets or write their names on the inside of his hands to tell these beautiful women apart.

After last week’s rose ceremony, the remaining fifteen women start their day with Chris arriving and announcing the arrival of two new roommates. All jaws drop as Byron and his dog, Sabrina, walk through the doors. Kelly scores immediate points as her dog runs up to greet Sabrina. Chris announces there will be no group dates, only one-on-ones, and those one-on-ones will be chosen purely by Byron. There will only be two one-on-ones before the next rose ceremony, so Chris suggests the women get to work figuring out how they’ll land one. Krysta notes that this will change the game for the more assertive girls like herself.

Kristie, Jane, and Andrea jump at the chance to help Byron and Sabrina settle into their new digs. After they help him unpack and arrange his room, Byron gives a toast to “my new roommates … well, next-door roommates.” I half-expected to see shots of Andrea, she of the fatal attraction from last week, sniffing his underwear while she was unpacking.

Once he is settled in, Byron asks for some private time with Kelly, which bothers Kristie very much. Kelly had voted to keep Jay instead of Byron last week, so Kristie feels Kelly is being a little phony to now be warming up to Byron. He asks Kelly the corniest question, being that they’ve just met but a few days earlier. He asks her what makes her “thrive.” The only thing more corny is her answer, “Relationships.” He asks when her last good relationship was, and Kelly replies two-and-a-half years ago. He asks if he is her two-and-a-half year itch. I’m sure he enjoyed himself, but I don’t see how he could be any more enlightened about Kelly after that repartee.

The invite is out by the pool for the first one-on-one date. All the women rush over to see if they’re the lucky recipient. It goes to Cheresse, who isn’t so sure if this is a good or bad thing. It could mean he is confident he likes her, or unsure if she is right for him. Seeing Cheresse get the one-on-one date, Krysta realizes she needs to get her “A” game on now. Yes, Krysta, we know … you are the “assertive” one. In my day we called it something different.

Cheresse says she thinks Byron is a good-looking guy, and that she is looking for a guy ready to make a commitment. Wow, what a unique thing to find here on The Bachelor. She tells Byron that she is real shocked he picked her for this date. He explains they get along well, and that their conversation in the limo came by naturally.

Byron and Cheresse are led into a theatre and find their entertainment will be a private performance just for them by Brandy and four of her dancers. Call it what you will, but it looked to me like it was just Brandy and her dancers warming up for a later performance. At this point my eleven-year-old son hollers from the other room, asking who is singing. When I reply, “Brandy,” he asks who Brandy is. My husband replies with lyrics, “Brandy … she’s a fine girl … what a good wife she would be…”

The banter Byron is exchanging with Cheresse isn’t much better than what he exchanged with Kelly. They talk about how outside stuff is nice, “but the inside stuff has to last.” Is someone scripting this, or do these people really talk like this?

While Byron and Cheresse are busy exchanging empty thoughts, Krysta and Kristie are quite busy. Krysta cooks dinner naked, except for an apron. Has she forgotten Byron isn’t even there right now? Kristie decides to tell Byron how she feels, and writes him a note, slipping it next to his door with three red roses. Krysta pretends to think of the same exact thing on her own … well, maybe she did, but it’s certainly coincidental … and makes sure her flower arrangement is better than Krysta’s. Byron comes home and finds the notes and flowers, and wonders if it’s some type of competitiveness. Wow, can’t slip anything by this guy. Krysta and Kristie have it out, arguing over who thought of it first, with Krysta adding it’s a free country, she can do what she wants.

While Leina begins questioning her reasons for being in the house, deciding she is in love with her best friend back home, the second one-on-one invite is set by the pool. The women hurry over again to see who the lucky woman will be. It will be Jayne, with Byron adding her shyness could be a problem. He needs to get her to open up more on their date.

Byron and Jayne go fishing, making it a special date for Byron, being that he is a professional bass fisherman. With him, Jayne catches her first fish, and after she kisses it, Byron shows her how to catch and release. He says he’s always kissed his fish after he caught them, so thinks they’re connecting real well. Jayne says she’s having so much fun, she’s forgetting to be nervous.

After fishing, they rowboat to a dinner that Byron is cooking himself. They have the obligatory conversation of her shyness, him asking her to open up, her saying she’s trying, but it’s easier “to chill out and just sit in the back.” He replies he’ll “just have to dig to get to the back.” Byron then asks if her shyness is a way to protect herself. She says it is, but now she needs to find a way to make it happen, as she doesn’t want to lose out. Finally, what I have been waiting for. An original intelligent conversation that doesn’t sound forced. Hopefully this means he’ll keep her around.

Meanwhile, Leina makes an announcement to the other women, saying she’s returning home, because “my heart is somewhere else.” Everyone wishes her well, but Wende, and probably others, are glad, as it narrows the playing field for them. Leina places a note announcing her departure on Byron’s bed with Sabrina sleeping right next to where the note is placed. Sabrina never budges, and I am left hoping Byron doesn’t count on her for a watch dog.

The next evening finds all the women waiting for the requisite cocktail party to begin, the one that’s always held before the rose ceremonies. Chris arrives, and announces there will be no party, since Byron lives in the same house with them, it really isn’t as necessary for him to get even more time with them. Yet, he will get to choose three women to have one more private conversation with. He chooses Natalie, Jayne, and Kristie, who are all uncomfortable, thinking this means he is not sure about them.

Natalie is first up, and Byron asks her what’s on her mind. She tells him she has reservations about his previous marriage. After, he feels there is just no connection between them. When it is Jayne’s turn, they talk once again about her shyness, and how she needs to open up. During Kristie’s conversation with Byron, she peppers the talk up with references to things she knows he is interested in – fishing, Harleys, etc. Krysta is worried that Kristie is saying bad things about her to Byron. A little narcissistic, are we?

It is time for the rose ceremony, although I miss Chris coming in ringing the wine glass to announce “time up.” There are ten roses, and fourteen girls. Chris does the math for us, and tells us that means four women will have to go home. Byron chooses Tonya, Amanda (who looks and sounds like Bachelor Bob Guiney’s choice, Estella), Elizabeth, Cheresse, Andrea, Suzy, Jayne, Kristie, Krysta, and Cindy. This defies the reality show rules. Amanda, Elizabeth, Suzy and Cindy were never really even featured on the show at all so far, yet he’s keeping them.

We bid farewell to Wende, who says her and Byron initially connected, but then never re-connected. Ashley, who is disappointed but realizes she isn’t the most aggressive, Kelly, who must take Sabrina’s playmate with her, and Natalie, who is just disappointed. Just in pure numbers alone, it will be easier to keep track of who’s who among the women, which I am thankful for, and I am sure Byron is as well.

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