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Welcome to the New Reality Shack!

Some of you might be surprised; others are not. Reality Shack has been reborn. The site started a little over seven years ago as a place for reality TV fans to get their fix. With today’s rebirth of the site, we hope it will continue to always be a place for reality TV Fans to go.

While the site looks a lot different, there are some things that will never change. The snarky writers are still around. We won’t ever give up on that. If you’ll notice, we have a new forum as well. That was one thing we knew we had to keep. And most of our older content has been kept intact as well. Poke around through the Archive, if you want. I have to admit, I got caught up reading through the older articles myself yesterday.

But, this thing wouldn’t have gotten to this point without a lot of help from some very important people. First and foremost, I have to thank Carrie, who originally started this site back in 2004. I wouldn’t be a reality TV writer, and probably not a writer even, without all her help over the years. She knows I can be a pest when I want something. And I wanted this site revision, so she has had her fill of me pestering her the past few months.

Thanks also go out to Carrie’s husband Rick, the guy behind setting the site up. He’s probably just as sick of my pestering as Carrie is. Additionally, Reality Shack’s moderator Kalypso has been instrumental in giving me a poke here and there to get me moving and to keep the forum at the old site going while I was busy with this. And of course, to all the writers whose fabulous content makes this such a great place to hang out.

I also have to sing the praises of the company that helped transfer all the articles. I wanted to move all the articles over from the prevoius Reality Shack. I didn’t want to lose those. I also wanted to bring over the “What’s Hot on TV” from the blog that I have published there since I took over the site in early 2009.

GConverter moves content from one site to the next, and while I didn’t transfer the forum, they do that as well. They took care of everything and listened to me whine when it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. They worked with me for a couple days until it was exactly what I wanted. They even fixed my theme flaws when I couldn’t get it to work, just so that their ported content would work the way I wanted it to. The fee was more than worth it.

Thanks, too, for everyone who continues to come to Reality Shack to read about their favorite shows. I hope you continue to find it a great place to be.


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