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captainD's Boot Prediction Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 3

Yeah!! While most of the Survivor die-hards are mourning the loss of their beloved Dolly, the great Prognosticator is celebrating yet another flawless week of predictions. From Yasur winning reward, to the men finally winning a challenge, to Dolly’s surprise departure, I’m still batting one thousand. Can I keep it up? You better believe it!

This week we have been promised more twists in the first 15 minutes than in an entire season. There will be two tribal councils and both a man and a woman will get voted off taking our total number of castaways down to 14. Because of the two tribal councils, there will not be a reward this week. At the immunity challenge, Jeff has said that one person will win individual immunity. That person will be John P. At the womens TC, the leader of the “young girls” alliance, MIA, is the 2’nd boot from Yasur. At Lopevi, the Survivor world will breathe a collective sigh of relief when JOHN KENNEY says goodbye!

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