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Drama Kings and Queens – Real World Philadelphia, September 28th

by Dolliac

As Shavonda and Karamo sit in the computer room of the lush new house on The Real World: Phillidelphia, they both discuss how their friends and family warned them not to become the “angry black people” of the show, so immediately you know that one of the main subjects of the night’s show is going to be about race. Karamo goes on again about how it’s such a different experience living life as a part of two different minority groups (African American and gay) but that he’s lucky to have “his boys” MJ and Landon there to back him up and show him support. The mood quickly changes, however, when Landon makes a jokingly rude remark that offends Karamo. Slowly, he begins to realize that even though MJ and Landon may appear to be like his friends at home, they’re not.

After a commercial break we join Shavonda as she tells us about the hardhsips of having to grow up with an unreliable father and eventually moving out at the age of seventeen. She explains that she’s always had bills to pay, so she’s used to scraping by for money, but as she talks with her father’s ex-girlfriend she breaks down when she admits that since none of the houseguests are allowed to have jobs yet she only has five dollars to her name. In a conversation with her father, he agrees to send her a little bit of money the next day so she can support herself for the next few weeks that the roomates will have to go without jobs. Later the next day, Shavonda is disappointed to see that her bank account is still empty and that her father has once again flaked out on following through with hsi promises. On the phone with her father’s ex girlfriend, Colleen, Colleen asks her new boyfriend if he can send some money in Shavonda’s direction. He agrees and Shavonda is eternally greatful.

A few nights later Karamo, MJ, and Landon have all decided they’re going to go and have a “guy’s night out”. For the first few hours everyone is having a good time. They all seem to have found people that caught their attention and seem to be enjoying themselves until Karamo is suddenly surrounded by police officers. They explain to him that they recieved a tip off that somebody matching Karamo’s description was carrying a gun. Karamo freaks out, explaining that this has happened to him over tewenty times and he has never been guilty of anything. When the officers escort Karamo out he grabs MJ’s attention and a verbal fight breaks out between the two as they are leaving the club. MJ insists that Karamo needs to calm down, while Karamo feels he is entitled to make a scene when this hashappened to him so many times in the past. Landon somehow finds his way out there and all three fight on the way back to the house. After returning home, Karamo explains the situation to Melanie and Sarah and once again has a war of words with MJ over the situation.

The episode ends with Karamo alone outside praying to God for things to work themselves out.


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