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Hey Lilo, where's Stitch?

Dog and his crew are going after the Waikiki “Godfather”, Lilo Asiata. Dog has a bitter taste in his mouth about this apprehension. One of his son’s, Tucker, got involved with a man named Salsa who introduced him to some ‘ice” (Crack). They robbed someone and Tucker, Dog’s boy, got 20 years in prison as a result.

Dog was asked to ‘hunt’ Tucker, but he had to turn it down. He couldn’t do that to his own son. He also didn’t co-sign for Tucker either. He let the boy go to jail to pay his debt to society. That was 2002. Two years later, you can see the pain is still fresh. Dog chokes up when he talks about it.

Dog wanted to hunt Salsa hard and may have done something he’d regret, but he came into contact with Lilo Asiata, who he must now hunt. Lilo reminded him that Salsa ‘would get his.’

Dog doesn’t want to take in a man who helped him, but it’s his duty. Beth and the rest of the crew aren’t in the mood to go soft on this guy so Dog defers to them a bit.

The go to Waikiki Beach and come into contact with the “Beach Boys”….this ain’t no 60s soft pop group, people. These are rough customers who are tapped out on drugs and a violent lifestyle.

They find Lilo eventually and take him down hard. They were told he had a gun. Turns out it was a drill, but still…ya never know.

Dog thanks Lilo for his help back when he needed it and asked his forgiveness for taking him in now. Lilo told him not to feel bad. He should be thanking Dog.

What can I say? I could have a smart aleck remark, but it’s not a funny situation. Dog, the Bounty Hunter, has a serious (and tender) side. I must say that I am impressed with the stories and the real life raw emotions that Dog, Beth, his crew and their ‘apprehension’s’ wrestle with week after week.

— Panndyra Out.


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