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No Balls No Babies – The Benefactor, Episode 3

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off this show with Mark looking and analyzing the final 10. There are fiery people, there are people that are more subtle in their strategies, many are true competitors, some people rely on creativity or being nice, and some people are true athletes. He singles out Shawn, saying that she needs to adapt, otherwise he’s gonna toss her.

Mark sits down with the Benefactees and states that he’s seen how well they’ve done in a group, now it’s time to find out how well they do individually. There’s no more communal spirit, it’s a war with a single survivor. He gives them each $1000, saying he has started multi-million dollar corporations with less money, and says they have until 8 PM to use the money. He then goes into a monologue for the camera, saying everyone can be successful, but separating the dreamers from the doers is the doing. They have to prove to him that they are something special, this is their chance to separate themselves from the pack and become a star.

Tiffaney puzzles, wondering what exactly Mark is looking for. Mark then answers by talking to the camera. He wants them to make him say “Wow.” He got a job at a computer company without knowing anything about computers. Fear is either a roadblock or a motivator.

I’d like to take this time to announce that I really like how this show is being done. It’s like reality television mixed with an A&E Biography. Honestly, I had know idea who the heck Mark Cuban was before this show started. But now I know enough about him to write a report about him. Anyway, back to the recap.

Femia says that you can feel the tension in the air now that it’s an individual competition. Mark Cuban says they need to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zones. Shawn says she knows that Mark likes creative ideas, so she decides to make a children’s book and release it on the same episode of the show. Femia wants to start a business, Tiffaney wants to go skydiving, but the place is closed. Spencer wants to create a software system and patent it. Dominic, obviously, wanted to get a band together and be a rock star.

Mark says that he expects Chris to shine, he thinks Chris has a lot of potential. He says of Dominic “at first I thought, he’s a nice looking house, but nobody’s home.” He then says that Dominic actually has a heart of gold, and he’s fearless. Dominic was very straightforward, he goes to a guitar shop, tries out different stuff, and picks out a guitar, and spends all his money on that one guitar. Linda is computer illiterate and fearful of the computers, but she spends her time working with web programmers. Tiffaney finally talks the skydiving people into letting her do it and she’s off to do that.

Dominic is picking at his guitar while Spencer is trying to concentrate. Dominic is surprised at how hard it is to learn the guitar, and idly chit-chats with Spencer, who looks like he’s about to shove a pencil through Dominic’s eye. Spencer says, of Dominic, that he doesn’t think it’s realistic to learn guitar in one day. He then gets in a car with Shawn and chit-chats about stuff, then Shawn gets out at her stop. Spencer then talks to a person about putting his airport system together, lots of boring details and elevator music.

Mark brings everyone together. He says executing the plan right separates doing good from failure, and Kevin mentions everyone is tense and nervous.

First up is Tiffaney, and she shows her skydiving video. She quotes Mark, saying “no balls, no babies” and that she remembered that he had told Latane that he’d never for a million dollars go skydiving, so she’d go for it. Latane then mentions he thought it was awful risky for Tiffaney to go skydiving. Chris is a hockey fan, so he becomes a Dallas Star for a day, complete with jersey. He met the head coach and worked on lots of drills on the ice.

Honestly, after watching these first two, I was like….man, these seem so boring. I would have tried to come up with something more interesting. And it’d only get worse (from my point of view).

Next up is Latane, who made a website entitled whosgonnabeastar.com. It was a very extensive website, and he hoped to get advertisers and take his site off the ground. (Blah, boring.) Dominic was surprised that Latane did the rock star image, and Mark commented he thought that Latane felt he needed a gimmick. Spencer then talks about his airport system, and security against terrorists, and blah blah. Of all the projects, his was probably the most practical, but the most boring for television. We have more elevator music too. Shawn states that Spencer’s was the worst because she didn’t understand any of it. Kevin then plays a song that he wrote, recorded, and sung all by himself (well, with a producer too, obviously). As Kevin played his song, he said he felt good because everyone’s face lit up as he played it.

Femia creates her own fashion design label. Shawn says she wants to be a sexy working mom, and Femia did that for her. On the other hand, Linda said she’d never wear Femia’s outfits. Shawn then shares her children’s book, is “emotional” as she reads it. I wanted to smack her, I can think of a lot of people that should have gotten her spot on the show and would have probably done better. Christine does a dance routine, boring again. Linda goes against her computerphobia and put together a webpage for her mother and her struggle. The finale is Dominic, and he bought his guitar and got a band to play with him for his project. The group and Dominic rock out a lot, and at the end Dominic just goes crazy and breaks his $1000 guitar (after he says that he’s never had a guitar before and couldn’t afford one, what a crazy guy…I love him!) and then jumps in the pool. Chris states that whatever Dominic does, he doesn’t do with extreme intelligence, but Mark says “everything Dominic has done has put a smile on my face.” He then tells the group of ten that four will be going home.

Latane feels he deserves to be here. Mark then announces who will remain. Femia, who took a huge challenge and did something out of her comfort zone, Spencer, Dominic, who was a star and stood out, Kevin, Tiffaney, who Mark related to because he’s afraid of heights…and…..two more people. He says two people have a chance for the last spot, and they are Chris and Linda. Latane, Shawn, and Christine are eliminated, to no surprise as Shawn and Latane were the two leftovers from the horrendous group of four last time, and Christine wasn’t even on the show up until the dancing thing, as far as I know. It’s too bad, she was kinda cute too.

Mark says that nothing Christine did said she was a star, and Shawn just rubbed him the wrong way, that she was trying to manipulate him by putting the game into a children’s book. Mark then states that some people are competitive and squash their competition like a bug. He then leaves it up to the five already chosen people to choose between Linda and Chris. Do they help a friend, or squash the competition? The five talk to each other, Femia wants to eliminate Linda because she’s her competition (and Mark sees that Femia is a competitive person). He then says that Chris worked hard but didn’t get out of his comfort zone, and he felt Linda might have been playing up her computerphobia, so that’s why they’re the ones being decided between.

In the end, Linda is voted to stay in the game, and Chris is eliminated. Chris says he brought his A-Game, and Mark knew that, and it wasn’t Mark that took him out, it was the friends that he’d made. Dominic confesses that now that he’s in the final 6, he doesn’t think he needs to change his game style. Femia says it’s now or never for her to step up and make a name for herself. And Linda is no fan of Femia because she voted against her.

On the next episode of The Benefactor, the group of 6 is divided into two teams of 3 and organize a group of basketball players to play the first million-dollar game of HORSE. In the end, Mark offers a bribe, and somebody takes it…..my money’s on Tiffaney taking it.

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