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GUG – Episode 7 — Who's your (God) Mommy?

Victoria is overwhelmed. Being a single mother wearing so many hats – author, reporter, friend, etc. can get to anyone. Right now, she’s stressed and doesn’t see any end in sight.

She realizes that she’s giving a lot to others and not getting enough to recharge her own batteries. (And no, I don’t mean those kind of batteries, people. Get your minds out of the gutter, okay?) She admits that motherhood is the most important role of them all. She loves her son’s but is very alarmed at their behavior.

Da Boyz are rude, crude and a little bit lewd these days. They’re teens and a lot of it is to be expected, but Mama Victoria and her crew have to attend a function with royalty in a week or so. She tells the boys that they are going to have an ‘etiquette lesson’.

They’re not too happy. They’d rather be hanging around the mall with their friends, picking up phone numbers and trying to charm the ladies. (God, was I ever a girl who could be so easily sweet-talked? I hope not!)

Hilke, the etiquette teacher, is strict and doesn’t take any b.s. She tells them to take off their hats, to listen. John asks her, “Is it proper to yell at a lady?” She rubbed them the wrong way and they were obviously being smart a$$e$. At least, Victoria recognized it.

In the meantime, Victoria gets this weird letter from an elderly lady called Esta who’s looking for ‘help’. It seems that she’s being terrorized by someone who burglarizes her, etc. Jen, Victoria’s asst, is called in to scope out the situation. Victoria is afraid that the situation is weird, but can’t ‘refuse a request’.

Esta hints that Victoria can help her because she ‘knows the whole world.’ Victoria says she’s not like her dad. She’s not a mafioso, but, like him, wants to help others. She makes a visit to Esta and offers to get a security expert to visit her home to see what’s going on.

That’s about it. There was just a lot of ‘normal’ stuff. Well, Gotti – normal.

Hasta la next week.

Panndyra Out.


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