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What's Hot on TV Tonight – Packers vs. the Colts

WHOTV.jpgIt’s the Super Bowl champions of last season vs. the losing team from the year before. It should be a good game, and that’s something that’s hard for this Bears fan to say. But, I’m trying not to be bitter about last season. Catch up on your other favorite shows you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Night at the Museum. Surprisingly good film about the crazy things that go on in a museum once everyone but the night watchman (Ben Stiller) go home. Everything back in history comes alive. 2:30 PM CT FX

2. The Informant! True story of an agriculture company executive who turned whistle-blower to the FBI, wanting to be the big hero, but seems to be too much of a putz to carry it out. Matt Damon and Scott Bakula star. Find out more at Viewpoints. 4:15 PM CT 5Max

3. NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series. Food City 250 from Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN. 6:30 PM CT ESPN

4. NFL Preseason Football. Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts. 7:00 PM CT CBS

5. Friends with Benefits. In the first half hour, Sara wants to skip out on visiting her family after a fight with her sister, and Aaron loses his friends when he gets drunk. In the second half hour, Aaron finds out a girl he was a mentor to in junior high is now a porn star, a doctor uses a bribe to get Sara to help impress Riley, and Fitz and Ben look in a friend in the hospital. 7:00 PM CT NBC

6. Dateline NBC. Authorities suspect a man was reenacting a horror movie is responsible for a woman who went missing in the Chattahoochee National Forest. 8:00 PM CT NBC

7. Karaoke Battle USA. More karaoke singing. It doesn’t seem as fun without the raucousness of a bar. 8:00 PM CT ABC

8. Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. Now that Tinnell has her dream dress, she wants to still stay within budget, Amanda wants a dress do-over, and a daughter speaks her mind. 8:00 PM CT TLC

9. Tanked. Fish-feeding problems, a hydraulic tank, and a 50s-style diner. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

10. Haven. Audrey and Nathan pick a lock to a house in search of Daniel. All the others they’ve searched have been unlocked, so why did they need to use a different tactic to get this particular one ajar? Once inside, with only flashlights for visibility, Audrey finds some photographs on the refrigerator that may be of some help. They hear what sounds like a leak, so they follow it to a room with an overflowing bath tub. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

11. Four Weddings. Michele utilizes vintage candelabras, while Amber goes for personalized drink stirs. Kathryn’s venue is an art house movie theater, and Heidi’s is a glass-covered garden. 9:00 PM CT TLC

12. Rat Busters NYC. While renovating her convenience store, Tishia finds an infestation of rats. 9:00 PM CT Animal Planet

13. Strike Back. Latif is followed to South Africa, a weapons-system designer is threatened by an IRA mercenary, and Scott and a computer hacker trade places. 9:00 PM CT Cinemax

14. Torchwood: Miracle Day. Jack faces a showdown with a man he thought was long since dead, while Rex takes extreme action to prevent the collapse of society. Wayne Knight continues his guest appearances as Brian Friedkin, a powerful Section Chief wielding great power first of three within the CIA. John De Lancie and Nana Visitor also guest star.. 9:00 PM CT Starz

15. Paranormal Challenge. E.X.P. is used to collect proof of paranormal activity at the LInda Vista Hospital. 10:00 PM CT Travel Channel