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The One Where The Judge Showed Up Late – The X-Factor, September 18th

by Luke

From writing these articles about “The X-Factor” week after week I noticed there
was something missing from the start of this weeks episode …. and that would
be none other than Simon Cowell. He was shown turning up for auditions two
hours late and was found sitting in his hotel room watching TV by the presenter,
Kate Thornton. Fed up with waiting, his co-judges Louis Walsh and Sharon
Osbourne decided to give him the silent treatment but coincidentally this show
had a heavy relationship theme. Could it have all been set up? Can’t be – it’s
reality TV, it must be for real.

Continuing the previous weeks look at the first round auditions held back in the
early Summer I found this weeks show a bit of a snoozefest. Sharon Osbourne is
definitely one of the best reality judges ever, and Simon was being his usual
brutally honest self but at this stage the show is just the same as any other
“Idol” type thing I’ve seen countless times. It’ll be another two weeks until it
steps up a gear and moves onto something new – the boot camps, where the
judges and their industry people will drill their new recruits into top musical
shape. On that note it’s a good time to mention that news of who each judge
will be mentoring has leaked out here in the UK. It seems that Sharon Osbourne
will be supervising the under 25’s, Louis Walsh has got the vocal groups, and
Simon Cowell given the 25+ age group. If true this will be funny as Simon
doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about the number of senior citizens making it to
round two.

The honeymoon for newlywed Samantha Boyd wasn’t just over when she faced
the judges, it hadn’t even began. She had cancelled a holiday to the Bahamas to
appear on X-Factor but was told she might as well have gone. In a
compassionate mood the judges decided to give her a second chance but they
made clear she would have a lot of work to do if she was to make it much
further. Yet another female to leave the room crying was Emma, one half of
duet “2 To Go”. She had auditioned with blind singer Peter but while the judges
went gaga over his voice they didn’t care much for hers. Another relationship
that looked like it could have turned sour was that of boy band “Mankind”. Their
lead singer Chris had only been with them a week or two and on hearing the
judges preferred his voice to the other group members thought about quitting
right there on the spot. The group went away to decide their future and came
back, hours later to declare they would be staying together …. by that point the
judges couldn’t care less anyway but decided to put them through.

As well as the singers who made it there were of course those that were, to put
it mildly … completely terrible. In fact some were so bad Sharon was willing to
bet the Osbourne’s family fortune on them. Kareoke singer Paul Holt looked like
something out of “Oasis” without the singing voice but on being rejected said
that one day he’s top the charts. Sharon bet him £50,000 that he wouldn’t.
Among other dropouts were a young man who looked like Princess Diana and
said he was 144 years old, as well as a man in drag. To top these off the show
featured a man dressed as Guy Fawkes who had come to sing his song “Bonfire
Night”. He was so dirty and scruffy that Sharon made him leave the room on
account of his terrible body odor.

If there are any readers from Australia then G’day mate – we got some bonza
news for you. After a fierce bidding war “The X-Factor” is coming to the land of
Oz. Network Ten has reportedly paid over twenty million Australian dollars for
the format rights. Meanwhile three TV networks in America are currently bidding
for the U.S rights to the show.

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